This article, "Tampering" Tom, follows the Reconnoiter fan-canon originally created by User:Screennameless.

Marauder Character

Tom Anderson
Date of Birth 20 Years before E-Day
Date of Death Hasn't yet
Blood type Unknown
Gender Male
Height 5' 10
Weight 140lb
Race Human
Occupation Ex-Gear/Marauder
Marital status Single
Relative(s) N/A
Status Active

"I wonder... What if I did this? *click*"
— Tom on his Lancer Assault Rifle

Background Edit

Tom is an Ex-Gear who, at a very young age, was constantly alone because his parents were constantly running away from parenting "busy". He began building and examining different things out of boredom, learning at a very fast pace. Years later after not seeing or even hearing from his parents, he gave up on them and joined the CoG as a weapons specialist and a rifleman. During fights he would stock up on weapons to figure out how they worked. In his free time, he would modify and add things to his weapons like scopes or even change how they fire.

Personality Edit

Tom is a quiet, imaginative person who sees opportunity in almost every situation. He is very optimistic and always tries again and again when he fails. Tom will listen to anyone who has suggestions or needs something from him, but he likes to be left alone from time to time. He likes it to be quiet when he is working on something so he can concentrate well on it. He prefers to work alone usually, but will help if asked. Tom loves music and plays guitar when he is stressed or is happy with himself.

'I wonder...' Edit

Tom has had a lot of time on his hands, enough to even get him into some trouble. He's been yelled at on multiple accounts where he has gotten so into his work that he blocks out everything else.

Modified Weapons Edit

As said earlier, Tom likes to mess with things. He's modded all of his weapons, here's a list of his custom weapons;

  • Lancer Battle Rifle: Now has a 3-burst fire (like the Hammerburst in Gears 1) and a 2.5x scope. The chainsaws fuel supply has been halved due to the adjustments.
  • Gnasher Pump Shotgun: Modified magazine with mini-clips that load 4 rounds at once (the rounds are slipped into a sleeve that reduces time taken to load four bullets at once, greatly reducing time taken from loading.) The weapons accuracy has been downgraded in return for the increased fire rate and stronger power.
  • Boltok Expanded Revolver; Larger clip, now holds 12 rounds. The weapon is now bulky and doesn't fit in a standard holster, and the weight has increased dramatically (Imagine the shape of the weapon similar to the pistol ammo count upgrade in Bioshock).
  • Kurt's Torque Bow: A clip that allows you to hold the Bow's pull, so you can hold the weapon at max charge for an extended period of time. He made this for Kurt Whitcomb, who has shown much interest in the weapon.
  • Bolo Glu-Nades: Extremely adhesive Bolo Grenades (similar to a Spike Grenade from Halo 3, only like a flail).