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Marauder Character

'Psycho' Carrick (forename as so far unknown)
Date of Birth Only he knows
Date of Death Can a demon die?
Blood type Probably acidic
Gender Male
Height 5' 11"
Weight 180 pbs (mainly muscle)
Race Human
Occupation Marauder / hell raiser
Marital status What do you think?
Relative(s) Unknown, most likely all dead
Status active

"ALRIGHT! Who's the lucky f**cker who gets the chainsaw to the face?"
— Carrick when calm

'Psycho' Carrick is a crazy SOB Marauder, who fought in some of the first conflicts between the Marauder's and Locust.

Appearance Edit

Carrick has a heavily scarred face, and is very well built. He keeps his head constantly shaved, but sports a small 'Devils Moustache', due to his belief that it makes him more of an intimidating prescence in battle. His eyes are brown / black, and, occasionally, covered with an eye-patch, due to a need to 'Look Badass'

Personality Edit

Carrick definately has major issues, although he feels that these issues don't need to be addressed anytime soon. He'd rather be insane and deal with the war, than go through therapy and stop loving the fight. These issues are, invariably, dangerous to himself and his team-mates.

Carrick holds a reputation in the Marauders as one of the worst soldiers to be serving with, and often performs some of the most ill-advised maneuvers on the battlefield. Among the most famous is attempting to dash toward and chainsaw a Mauler in mid-swing. He was only saved by the quick thinking of a team-mate who threw a smoke grenade between him and his target. Carrick was blasted back into a wall, and the mauler didn't get a chance to swing again before his squad dragged him back into cover.

Carrick also has a very childish mentality as far as weapons are concerned. If he wants a weapon, he WILL have it. He has been known to shout in frustration if a team-mate reaches and takes a weapon before him, and has even been known to threaten the offender with injury should they not give up the weapon.

Background Edit

Few people care (or dare) to ask Carrick about his past. It is believed that he was honourably (forcibly) discharged from the COG after he sustained heavy injuries in battle (it is theorised that he either rushed recklessly into the fray, or was incapacitated by his team-mates for their own safety). Carrick was of course not the type who would give up fighting, and so he simply stole several weapons and a suit of armor and escaped from Jacinto late at night, injuring several COG soldiers who attempted to stop him.

Not after long, he heard of another army fighting the Locust. Carrick travelled non-stop to reach the Marauders and get back into the action.