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The 7th Airborne Corps ("Shock Rifles"), colloquially known as the "Sky Corps", is an airborne/air assault-capable shock corps of the Bastion Army and the Bastion Special Operations Command. A highly integrated force at the battalion level, it is a mobile reaction force capable of rapid deployment to any theater of operations, and represents a flexible and adaptive military force designed to adapt to the evolving conditions of a wartorn Sera.

The 7th Airborne is comprised of high-quality light infantry capable of executing air assault or military freefall (airborne) operations at any operational level; the capability to insert into the denied battlespace by aerial vectors grants the Sky Corps an unprecedented mobility that allows it to tactically outmanuever and flank hostile surface formations. The abruptness and heaviness of its stroke has given the Sky Corps a brutal reputation on bitter Sera, and countries know they are on the verge of Bastion colonization when shock paratroopers flood their cities, brutally severing crucial headquarters, communications centers, logistical centers, and manufacturing sites.

While the "Shock Rifles" are formally designated as a full corps, they are estimated to be approximately thirty to forty thousand troopers strong, labeling them as an extremely light Army corps. It was believed that the "corps" designation was deliberately misassigned as a misnomer for intimidatory purposes.