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Sgt Smith
Sgt Aiden Charles Smith
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4 Years before E-Day

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Lancer Assault Rifle, Longshot Sniper Rifle




" These bastards move in the shadows and crawl out holes like rats. And I know one thing for sure, I fucking hate rats!"
— LCpl Smith

Before E-DayEdit

Aiden Charles Smith was born just 4 years before E-day and was raised mainly by his grandparents as his parents where COG Soldiers. Aiden had a normal life for a child of just four but that all changed on that horrible day, E-Day.


Aiden was with his grandparents visiting his parents at there base just outside Jacinto. When the Locust attacked both his mother and his father protected the civilians retreat. Aiden last sight was his father pulling a man to cover and his mother waving civilians on. However the thing that would always stay with him was the last time when his mother looked right into his eyes. Every night for ten years he dreamt that image and every night he woke up in a cold sweat.

Enlistment, Training and Squad AssignmentEdit

As soon as he turned 18 years old Aiden enlisted with the COGS. He was almost assigned to be an intel officer because of his keen intellect however the recruiter saw that Aiden had a rage inside him that could be very useful on the battlefield. During training Aiden was chosen for sniper training because of his keen eye and accuracy with the Lancer. He also showed excellent skill using the chainsaw bayonet. Upon completion of training he was assigned to Romeo Squad in a four man team designated Romeo-Four. He held the rank of Lance Corporal and had a good relationship with all members of Romeo-Four.

The Defense of Tollen Base Sigma 4Edit

" HA! Why settle for one piece of meat when you can have two!"
— Aiden as he splits a Locust Drone in have using the Lancers Bayonet

This battle was months before Tollen was sunk by the Rift Worm and was one of the least talked about battles. Nevertheless it was a bloody and horrible battle in which many Gears of Romeo Squad where lost. This included Romeo-Four's beloved commanding officer, Captain Henry Wolfgang at the hands of a Theron Sentinel. Although hit hard by this lost they gained a new "brother" in arms in the form of Medic Harriet Jackson. As well as this Aiden was promoted to Sergeant and given command of Romeo-Four.

Light Mass OffensiveEdit

" I did not sign up for this bullshit"
— Sgt Smith

During the Light Mass Offensive most of Romeo Squad was assigned to the defense of Jericho. None of Romeo-Four where happy about given this duty however they did help with the many wounded. This is where Aiden met Lt Wilson, Pilot of KR Nine-Two and there was an obvious attraction between the two.

Operation: Hollow StormEdit



Cpl Leon ParkinsonEdit

"Yes he is a cocky son of a bitch but his the best CQC expert I have met. Whenever he has his shotgun in his hands prepare to see flying Locust parts!"
— Sgt Smith

Leon and Aiden had been good friends since basic, they had always been there to constantly push each other do better to become the best they could. This bond was made stronger during the Defense of Base Sigma 4 as they saved each others life twice.

LCpl Andre ThompsonEdit

" His an antisocial bastard but I wouldn't have anyone else as my scout"
— Sgt Smith

Andre and Aiden rarely converse unless it was about battle tactics or weapon maintenance. He is an excellent scout who made his name by being able to sneak past a Locust Berserker.

LCpl Kin-ShimEdit

" His a great fighter never speaks about there being too many. He draws good too. "
— Sgt Smith

Kin-Shim was always a positive thinker never worrying about anything. They have a mutual respect for each other and work well together.

Cpt Henry WolfgangEdit

" He was a great man it was a shame to lose a great commanding officer and an even better friend"
— Sgt Smith during the funeral of Cpt Wolfgang

Aiden had a good relationship with the Captain and he never questioned a word of what he had to said. He learnt many tactics and ways to stay calm during a chaotic situation. Like the rest of Romeo-Four he was hit hard by his death.

PFC Harriet JacksonEdit

" She's a good shot but more importantly she knows how to patch up Gears"
— Sgt Smith

When they first met there was some flirting but after a while it died down as Aiden saw her as a sister and also heard of her, experiences.

Lieutenant Sally WilsonEdit

" A damn good pilot and to be frank damn good looking"
— Sgt Smith

Aiden and Sally met during the Light Mass Offensive when they where unloading wounded. There was an automatic attraction as they shared many view and experiences during the war.