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The Bastion Intelligence Service (BIS) is the principal intelligence directorate of the Bastion Confederacy, a centralized intelligence community that is responsible for foreign intelligence, domestic intelligence, military intelligence, signals intelligence, human intelligence, and counterintelligence, amongst other variegated intelligence responsibilities.

It is functionally segregated into a number of subordinate commands that handle respective responsibilities; each command is denoted with an SI ("Strategic Intelligence") number that internally denotes it:

  • SI-1: National security agency, formally known as the "First Directorate of National Security" or the "Security Service", responsible for counterintelligence, counterterrorism, internal security and policing, and civilian surveillance. Strongly suggested to serve as a "secret police" organization, and in civilian parlance, is known as the "Thought Police".[1]
  • SI-2: Signals intelligence agency, responsible for capture of transmitted electronic military and civilian signals traffic.
  • SI-3: National reconnaissance agency, responsible for spaceborne, geographical, and maritime reconnaissance activities.
  • SI-4: Press and propaganda agency, responsible for psychological control of civilian populace and censorship.
  • SI-5: Cryptography agency, responsible for decryption of captured communications and development of secure cryptographic technologies for allied forces.
  • SI-6: Principal military intelligence agency; highly diverse and variegated roles.
  • SI-7: Interrogation agency. Aggressive and coercive interrogation of captured enemy POWs as well as Bastion civilians of interest.
  • SI-8: Foreign intelligence agency, responsible for collection of foreign political intelligence and management of Bastion foreign diplomatic policy.
  • SI-9: Office of the Director of Bastion Intelligence. Responsible for oversight, organization, and evaluation of all intelligence organizations and for suppression of internal dissent within the intelligence community, popularly referred to as the "Black Tower".
  • SI-10: Economic intelligence organization.
  • SI-11: Technical intelligence organization, responsible for intelligence on the materiel utilized by foreign military and governmental organizations.
  • SI-12: Centralized internal technological service, maintaining centralized technological and database assets to support other intelligence organizations.
  • SI-13: Umbrella agency responsible for all "special access programs" (black projects) operated by the Intelligence Service. Highly diverse, variegated, and unique specific responsibilities entrusted within specific, isolated, and classified programs; these include development of chem-biol WMD capabilities, development of sophisticated military technologies, espionage programs, and for worldwide acts of government-sponsored terrorism and sedition in foreign countries, as well as hunter-killer assassination programs. Internally referenced as "Directorate Thirteen", "Black Operations", or "Special Operations".


  1. The "Thought Police" are a pervasive and sinister secret police organization in George Orwell's infamous novel, 1984.