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The Bastion Security Service, formally referred to as the First Directorate of National Security, internally known as SI-1 ("Strategic Intelligence 1"), and in shorthand, known as the Security Service ("SS"), serves as the principal national security intelligence organization of the Bastion Confederacy and a principal constituent of the Bastion Intelligence Community.

It is a highly controversial and cryptic organization, and its responsibilities are believed to include "legitimate" national security roles, such as counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and border security roles, but the Security Service has been implicated in far more difficult ethical waters, such as exercising surveillance programs to monitor Bastion civilians, and is rumored to operate an "internal security" program that is believed to serve as a secret policing force to control the civilian population. These darker implications of the Security Service have led it to be popularly dubbed as the "Thought Police".[1]


  1. The "Thought Police" are a pervasive and sinister secret police organization in George Orwell's infamous novel, 1984.