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The Bastion Special Operations Command (SOCOM) is a strategic operational command of the Bastion Armed Forces responsible for planetwide organization, training, readiness, deployment, and coordination of Bastion's special operations forces (SOF). Integrating assets together from the continuum of Bastion's aggressive forces; the surface-oriented Bastion Army, the maritime, airborne, and spaceborne Bastion Navy, and the strategic forces of the Bastion Intelligence Service, SOCOM remains in a position to threaten countries on a global scale across the world, forming a tightly-integrated and superior shock force that seeks to aggressively wage asymmetrical and unconventional warfare and to perform special operations (SO) across the special forces battlescape.

The Bastion Special Operations Command is tightly integrated with the Bastion Intelligence Community, and has a mutualistic relationship with its intelligence relatives.


SAG Emblem by RelentlessRecusant

The unit patch of the Special Airborne Group, formerly 1st Special Forces Battalion (Delta).

Bastion ArmyEdit

  • Special Airborne Group (SAG): Premier Army special operations force, responsible for direct action (DA), counterterrorism (CT), counterproliferation of weapons of mass destruction (CP-WMD), and other core special operations responsibilities throughout the SF continuum. Formerly known as the "1st Special Forces Battalion (Delta)".
  • Airborne Capable Regiment ("Rangers"): Special forces airborne-capable infantry force, fielding special paratrooper elements capable of HALO/HAHO freefall or conducting heliborne air assault mission requirements. General purpose force generally seen in support of other special forces elements. Formerly known as "3rd Special Forces Battalion (Ranger)".
  • 4th Operational Reconnaissance Detachment: Versatile multirole special reconnaissance force, responsible for infantry-based deep reconnaissance in the denied battlespace as well as fielding tactical signals and technical intelligence in the field as well as pre-action geospatial intelligence. Formerly known as the "4th Special Forces Battalion (Reconnaissance)".

Bastion NavyEdit

  • Naval Special Combatant Force (NSCF): Naval special warfare group, primarily responsible for advanced counterterrorism as well as specialized warfare, including maritime operations, airborne and heliborne operations, and other extreme-environment combat operations. Formerly known as "2nd Special Forces Battalion (Naval)", and colloquially known as the "Hell Divers".
  • Combined Arms Unit: Versatile interdisciplinary special forces element responsible for fielding combined arms and integrating artillery, airborne, seaborne, and spaceborne forces in support of special operations infantry. Most prominently known for providing aviation assets in support of infantry teams. Formerly known as "5th Special Forces Battalion (Combined)".