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"The sign had been edited sloppily, its revisions slapped on in bright, chunky blue paint. "Welcome to Vradina BIG TOWN Population: 42,000 1 3 6 3 FUCK IT"

Delta squad stared at the sign with expressions of mixed surprise, confusion, and disappointment. Finally, Baird muttered, "Well. Someone's got an appreciation for irony."
Azure, Chapter 3 of Reconnoiter

Big Town, formerly known as Vradina, is a town somewhere west of the New Hope Research Facility. It is an outpost of Pithodi and is technically run by Gabriel Sheridan, with Aidan Foley as his second-in-command.

Passageways through Big Town are marked with the color blue, specifically azure, and when visiting Pithodi most Big Town residents will wear some kind of clothing or accessory of the appropriate shade of blue to establish themselves as "Townies".


Vradina was a relatively affluent suburban town split into two halves: the more idyllic residential areas and large shopping plazas on one side; the smaller houses and downtown corner-shops on the other. There were five elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools, and all were subject to relatively minor but highly competitive cross-town rivalry. The only schools exempt were the two private schools, one for grades K-8 and a second for 9-12. The town was mostly free of crime and strife, though its local government was often criticized as lethargic and content with letting minor issues slide. The teenagers of Vradina jokingly called it, "the town where nothing happens".

Gabe and Nell attended the same elementary and middle schools, but were separated when Gabe, like his brother, attended the private high school. Since Nell went to the public high school, they saw each other more infrequently and grew apart.

Current ResidentsEdit

Its residents all live in the old Town Hall.

Every building in Big Town has been rigged with at least one thermite bomb, should the need to blow something up arise.

Former ResidentsEdit


  • Big Town's theme on the Reconnoiter playlist was "Ballroom Blitz" by Sweet. It was then changed to "How I Could Just Kill a Man" as covered by Rage Against the Machine. And now it's "Reptilia" by The Strokes.

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