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The tale of Dohrivh started as that of all the Drones, crappy mom, never saw his dad, and got drafted into the military once he reached adolesence.

however, there he was noticed by the instructors for his ruthlessness, skill and complete obeyal of orders, at one point executing a fellow Drone for the mere suggestion of fleeing on their first mission.

After training he and the regiment he was assigned to were send to Nihrk (a largly civilian Locust city 20 miles from Nexus) to investigate why all communication with the Locust there had been lost, it turned out that the Lambent had attacked the city and massacred everyone inside, but without fear Dorivh took command of his unit after their former squad leader, a Theron guard, had been killed by a sniper, and led them to victory against the Lambent, killing all of the invaders.

when he returned to Nexus, deep wounds covering his face and right arm, he was summoned to the the late General RAAM, who recognised his abilities, and promptly promoted to Theron guard.

several years later, after many other campaigns against both the Lambent and the Humans, he was finally promoted to one of the most coveted ranks of the whole military, Colonel, and was chosen to lead the attack on the Stranded settlement of Pithodi.

gathering his personal squad and inviting the mightiest Kantus of the Hollow, lord Bankotsu, he laid in wait until he was given the green light too lead these men and his army into battle.


he wears black armor, crafted of the hides of Rockworms which provides a great defense against bullets which hit him, with nearly no round areas and mostly composed of square~like pieces for for the possibility of a Torque arrow reflecting on the edges. he wields a modified Lancer, having enlarged the magazine to the size of 70 bullets at the cost of accuracy, although he counteracts this with his great aim with the Boltok, of which he uses a coal-black version, modified for faster fire and more accuracy at the cost of less powerfull shots.