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"It's under siege by Locust, but there are still a dozen or so gears holding out there. They radioed for help - they heard about the New Hope renovations but are completely pinned down. They've got excess supplies stockpiled, too - once you've secured the location, we're going to drop in a few more Centaurs, then you'll escort them back up here with the equipment."
— Anya Stroud on Delta's mission to Fort Jameson

Fort Jameson was an old COG fort that was vacated on E-day for its lack of strategic value. However, after the events of Gears 2, Control received a radio distress call from a dozen-odd gears who had hidden from the Locust after a mission gone wrong. Responding to the radio signal, Control sent Delta squad to investigate and hopefully rescue survivors.

Along the way, Delta lost radio contact with Control and stumbled upon a ghost town. Determined to figure out the source of the jamming signal, Delta chose to explore the town...




  • Fort Jameson's theme on the Reconnoiter playlist was "Suffer" by Staind. It is now "The Hand That Feeds" by Nine Inch Nails.

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