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Marauder Character

Gabriel Sheridan
Date of Birth 20 BE
Date of Death Still alive.
Blood type He doesn't know it.
Gender Male
Height 5'9"
Weight 202 lbs
Race Human
Occupation Marauder/Heavy Weapons Specialist
Marital status Single
Relative(s) *Sergeant Daniel Sheridan (Brother)
Status Active

"Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterwards."
— Kurt Vonnegut

Gabriel "Gabe" Sheridan is a thirty-four-year-old ex-gear. He is a high-ranking member of McCarrick's Marauders, the so-called Stranded army, and has his own outpost, Big Town. Large but by no means fat, he has curly blonde hair, a neatly kept chin beard, and grey-blue eyes. He still wears his COG armor for its superior bullet protection, but he has modified it to have a large azure version of the Crimson Omen on the chest and a white MM on the left shoulder.


Gabe was the second of two children. He lived in Vradina, where he and his brother, Dan, became friends with Nell Rourke. Dan was the star child in the family, so Gabe often tried to hoard Nell's attention for himself. Gabe could never do enough to please his overbearing mother and pushover father, both of whom were anesthesiologists. He took up smoking, slacked on schoolwork, and generally lived up to his black sheep reputation.

When Dan enlisted in the COG army, Gabe's parents pressured him into joining as well. In the end, he agreed, but mostly to get out from under his mother's heel. His humility, physicality, and pragmatism made him an ideal gear. He rose to the rank of Sergeant quickly and was well-respected within his squad. After E-Day, he became extremely concerned for Nell, especially when he heard reports of Locust sweeping through unsuspecting small towns. Three years later, he deserted the army and began searching for her.

He first stopped at Vradina, but Nell was still detained in Ephyra at the time. Afterwards, he visited Stranded settlements searching for her. He met Aidan Foley along the way, and they became best friends. Eventually, they made their way back towards Vradina, coming upon the Stranded town of Pithodi. There he and Aidan were recruited into the Marauders by Deacon McCarrick.

A few years later, Gabe heard reports of gunfire near Vradina. With Deacon's permission, he and Aidan traveled to Vradina, where Gabe was finally reunited with his childhood friend.


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  • His old squad was Gamma squad.
  • Gabe is well-liked among the Stranded and frequently makes trips out of Big Town to trade. He travels by Junker with Aidan on the turret. They usually return after two weeks of visiting.
  • Both his parents are very much alive, having made it to Ephyra after E-day. They are now evacuees under the protection of the COG army.
  • Since Gabe's desertion, his parents have disowned him and refused to pay for a search effort.
  • Gabe's theme song is "Beautiful Letdown" by Switchfoot.
  • Believe it or not, Gabe is Screennameless's favorite original character.