This article, Gears of War:All's fair in Love and War, is a fanfiction that does not follow the preestablished Gears of War canon.

"Give it back now: or I will blast your stinkin' head off." Private Stevie Pariah Demanding Her Cog Tags Back

All's Fair in Love and War is a Fanfiction by the user XxYo-YoxX : The story begins in the middle of Gears of War 1 when the Delta Squad get an unusual new member; a seventeen year old girl named Stevie Pariah. She joins Delta shortly after they recover the Resonator and find the Alpha Squad. She meets the four men when she is ambushed by a wave of Locust. Luckily Delta is nearby and comes to her aid.

Chapter 1Edit

A young girl at about the age of seventeen walked down a deserted road stepping over a body every couple of steps, most of wich weren't human. She kept her head down and stopped every now and then to bend down and take a strange necklace off certain humans. She put the necklaces she had collected around her neck, she had gathered five so far, only one more to find. It took her a while seeing how most of the body's were Locust or Stranded, she walked around a corner and noticed that somthing shiny glimmered in the sunlight, she walked over to find a body of a COG Soldier, the shining object was his helmet.

"Sorry Jones." she muttered under her breath as she carefully pulled the necklace from over his head. Then putting it over her own, she said, "There we go, I finally found my whole squad." she sighed and brought her hand up to her ear and pressed a button which a voice spoke through it, "Control here."

It was a female voice that she new belonged to a women named Anya Stroud, she was a Lieutenant with long blond hair that she usually put in a bun, "This is Omega Squad member Stevie, reporting in," she spoke clearly, "The mission was a success."

"Excellent News." the women, Anya, responded, "Hows the rest of the team?"  the girl visibly winced at the question, and then sighed once more, "I'm sorry to report that the rest of Omega Squad has been KIA." she spoke with a hint of guilt in her voice.

"Oh," she responded a little surprised,"I'm sorry to hear that, Private Pariah."

Stevie Pariah was a Private in the army of the COGs, most of the Gears didn't even know she existed, because it would prove unbelievable that the Chairman would permit a seventeen year old girl to join the army, it was absurd, but for some odd reason he allowed her to join, and only the Chairmen knew why.

She had long dark brown hair, which she always had in a pony-tail, but some of it fell in front of her face completely covering her right eye, she also wore a pair of dark blue goggles on her head, she rarely used them, but, hey, you never know, might need it sometime, and plus she liked the way they looked on her forehead.

She wore no armor, she didn't like the way it looked on her, and it was way to heavy for her to carry, so she wore a baggy black jacket that was opened to reveal a dark blue shirt, she also wore baggy black pants, and tight black gloves, most soldiers wouldn't dare go out onto the field without armor, but these cloths she had on were special too, they were almost bullet proof, almost, they were a few weak spots on it, like where the pockets were, but she could deal with that.

"Stevie out," she spoke but then said something else, "Oh, and, Stroud, please don't call me Pariah."she walked out into the open deserted street again as Anya responded, "Right, the KR should be on its way to pick you up, Control Out."

Stevie sighed for a third time as she heard she was going to be picked up by a King Raven, aka KR. Yes, it was a fast way to get around, but she hated flying, she was absolutely terrified of heights and the Raven not having any doors didn't help what-so-ever.

She continued to walk down the roads trying to be careful not to step on any of the bodys, except the Locust's of course, most girls would be crying there heart out if they learned that they had lost six friends, but she didn't.

Thats what separated her and most girls,she was strong, she didn't show emotions, except one, she sometimes felt a bit of guilt and regret, but that was it, no happiness, no joy, the only thing she really felt and sometimes showed was sadness, and she hadn't cried in five years, she didn't have anything to fight for, seeing how all of her family members had died when she was nine.

She joined the army because, well, she didn't actually no why she did join the army, but she just wanted to do something, to fight for something wothwile, not sit around waiting to die, she wanted to make a difference, even if it was only a little one.

She also disliked it when people called her, Pariah, yes, it was her last name but she was ashamed of it, after all, Pariah meant outcast, and she wanted to prove that she was not an outcast. At least she hoped she wasn't.

When her family died no one would take her in, not even the stranded. 'Maybe thats why he let me join the army,' she thought bitterly, He felt pity for me.'

Her thoughts were interrupted by a loud noise coming from above and she looked up to find a KR about to land, 'Great, the flying terror is here.' It landed a couple yards away from her so she sprinted to it, not wanting to keep the people inside waiting, who were, Colonel Victor Hoffman, and Liuetenent Anya Stroud herself. 'Oh joy,' she thought as she walked in the KR, 'Hoffmans here.'

Hoffman and her never got along that well, he never wanted her to be in the army, he was against it, he barely ever assigned her missions, which, after a while, she got use to.

She got in and quickly went to sit down, she never, ever, stood up in a Raven, expecially a moving one. Once they had taken off Hoffman walked over to her and surprisingly, sat by her.

There was an Erie silence until Hoffmen decided to speak. "I'm sorry about your squad, kid." Stevie snorted and said, "You shouldn't be telling me sorry, you should be telling there families," She then looked out the door and continued, "I've seen death before, lost the people most dear to me, this wasn't a huge blow, although I honor there deaths."

She then removed all of the COG tags she collected earlier and handed them to Hoffman. "I would appreaciate if you gave those to there familys, I would do it myself, but," she sighed and continued to look out the door, "People don't really like me, expecially familes."

"Now you don't know that." Hoffman said looking at the tags. Stevie laughed a bit, he had no idea. She looked over and saw Hoffman put the the tags in his pockets and then stand up to go his usual spot on the KR.

"I have a new mission for you," Stevie looked at him, "Wow, you usually only give me missions once a month." He couldn't tell if she was being a smartass or telling the truth.

"You are to acompany Delta Squad on their mission to deploy the resonator." She raised her visible eyebrow, seeing how her right eye was covered by hair, "Delta Squad?"

"Yes, actually I had a thought, how would you like to join Delta Squad." She just stared at him for a moment. "But I'm on the Omega Squad." Hoffman sighed and looked over to her, "Sorry, Pariah, but a squad cannot consist of one person."

"Yeah, I guessyou're right." she looked down at her COG tags and fiddled with them, she always had them showing. "Who's on Delta Squad?" she decided to ask, she at least wanted to know her new squadmates names.

"Well, currently there's Marcus Fenix, Domanic Santiago, Augustus Cole, and Damon Baird. With Fenix being the leader." 'Fenix,...interesting,' She had heard of Fenix's trial and imprisonment, and personally, she didn't think he should have gone to prison, but that was just her opinion, and her opinion didn't matter.

"You will be dropped off near their location." The KR was steadying so it could land, "Wait a minute, I won't be dropped off, like, with them?" she said almost worried. "No, there area is to hot, we can't get a KR in there."

"Don't worry, you'll be fine." Hoffman gave her encouraging words. She just sighed, put her head in her hands and thought, 'I'm doomed.'

The KR landed with a light thump and she saw Hoffman put his and up to his ear, "Fenix, I got another Gear for your squad." She heard the radio crackle and a rough, deep voice reply, "How the hell is he going to get here, you said the area is to hot for Choppers!"

"It is, so we're gonna land 'em in the courtyard approximately 300 yards from your position." Hoffman finished as Stevie jumped out. "Sir, not to sound rude, but 300 yards isn't a walk in the park. I mean, one soldier walking that far alone, I really don't think he's going to make it."

"Well," He responded, "You haven't Met Private Pariah yet, Hoffman Out." Stevie snickerd as Hoffman crossed his arms. "You didn't tell him I was a girl, did you?"

He shook his head, "Not a chance." She laughed a bit and turned to face the way of her destination point, "You really think I can make it, sir?" she spoke with disbelief in her voice.

"I don't think you can Pariah, I know you can." Stevie turned back to him and a small smile graced her lips, "Thanks, Sir."

"Well, hell, if you couldn't make it I don't know why in the world the Chairman would even let you be in this army." He gave her a wave and the KR took off in the direction they had just came from.

It was just her now until she thought of something. 'Oh crap,' She turned to the KR which was now a small speck in the distance, "Awwww, man," She gave a rough sigh, threw her arms up in the air and shouted, "I DON"T EVEN KNOW MY SQUAD'S FREQUENCY!!"

"I'm as good as dead now!" She put her arms down and started to rub her temples. "Ok, Stevie, get it together, you know there position is 300 yards in the east direction. Just walk that way."

She sighed again as she started walking in the direction of east. 'Why do bad things always happen to me!'

Half an hour passed and Stevie Pariah had yet to see any enemy forces. She had walked approximately about 250 yards, 'Almost there Stevie,' She thought to herself. 'Almost there.'

She kept walking while quietly humming to herself, she at least wanted to kill one Locust, mainly because she was bored out of her flippin mind.

'Who knows. maybe the squad already left, maybe I'm walking towards no one, or nothing.' She sighed and failed to notice something creeping behind.


She immediately turned around at the sound and thought, 'Karma. Karma, karma, karma! She was on high alert as cracks kept being heard all around her, 'Okay, I asked for one locust, not a ton!'

Something caught her eye as she swirled around and shotgunned a wrech right in the head, "Boom! Headshot! Maybe not with a sniper, but a headshot none the less!",she yelled in triumph.


she turned around again and dodged a bullet from a Locust with a shot gun and then, with her own shotgun, shot him in the leg in and the Locust fell over in pain.

She picked up the still alive Locust and held it in front of her,her eyes widened as she saw about twenty Locust charging over a hill, straight at her.

She sighed and said to Locust, "Hope you're bullet proof, pal!"

Marcus Fenix's head shot up as he heard bullet fire about 25 yards from him, he and his squad had decided about ten minutes again to go to the gear's position and meet up with him.

Apparently the rest of Delta heard it as they sprinted towards the sound, Once they reached it Damon Baird got out his sniper and looked at the battle field.

"Is it our guy Baird?" Augustus Cole asked his blond friend, "It's a, umm, well it looks like a-" Baird sotopped and studderd"Just spit it out man!" Cole said impatiently, "Its a girl!"

"What?!" Marcus practically yelled at his squadmate, "Pretty sure guys, she looks to be about late teens." "Delta Get in there!" All at once Domanic, Cole, and Marcus russed into the fight careful not to shoot the girl, while Baird stayed back and sniped.

Stevie was being pinned down by about seventeen Locust, she had took out about thirteen of the twenty, but the Locust had reiforcments come quickly after. She moved from her position and barrel rolled to an enemy who she chainsawed in two, she smiled as blood spat into the left side of her face and she had to close her eye to prevent blood from getting in it.

"Delta get in there!" she heard someone yell so she looked up to find three men running toward her position, she was distracted by the men yelling something and failed to notice a Locust sneaking up behind her, she heard something and turned around to find a Locust with a revved up Lancer about to cut her in half.

They say that your life flashes before your eyes before you die, in this case it kind of did for Stevie, she saw her brother, her mother and her father, the day they all died.

She shook her head from the images and braced for the pain as she shut hers eyes tightly, she head a Bang!and felt blood spray on her so she opened her eyes to find the Locust with the chainsaw on the ground, with his head blown off.

"Boom! Headshot! Woo!" she heard a voice yell, she turned and looked up the hill to see a blond man in blue goggles with a sniper rifle who then he got up and started to walk down the hill. She smiled at him while a man in a bandana come up to her, "You okay kid?"

"You kidding?" her grin widenned, "That was the best fun I've had in a while!" She saw all men raise there eyebrows and look at each other while the guy in the goggles walked up to her.

"Thanks by the way," she said to the blond man, "If it wasn't for you I would have been in two pieces by now, so I guess I owe you one already." He just shrugged and the man in the bandana spoke again, "What the hell are you doing out here, and alone?!"

"Oh, umm," she looked down, she wished Hoffmen would have just told them she was a girl, "actually I'm your new sq-" No one had heard her as the blond man cut in"Wait a minute," he brought his hand up and ripped the COG tag off of her neck.

"Hey!" she retorted and tried to snatch it back but he just held her back with one hand. "What does it say, Baird?" the Latino man asked.

"Stevie Pariah : Gear ID : 3278956-H-38443." the man read it with a puzzled face as he still held the girl back. 'Screw this.' Stevie thought as she backed up, got out her shotgun, cocked it, and held it to the man's head.

"Give it back now: or I will blast your stinkin' head off." All four men looked shocked for a minute, wondering where a girl got a shotgun.

The man stiffened a bit, but then, smirked. "You can't." She growled back and said in a low voice, "Why the hell not." His smirk grew wider, "You owe me one."

This time she stiffened and felt a light blush spread over her face and slowly, lowered her shotgun. "Fine," She whispered to him, "Smartass."

"Oh, don't worry, you didn't hurt my feelings," he said with a snort "a lot of people call me that." He then handed it to the man in the bandanna who looked it over. "Hold on," the man started, "When Hoffman radioed me he said that we had a Gear coming, right?" The other three men nodded.

" I said that its going to be hard for him to get here." "Whats your point?" the blond man said, "After he said, 'You haven't met Private Pariah yet'." The man drifted off "She's our new squad mate?" She could see all men freeze up and she smirked.

"Whats the matter boys, shocked you have a girl on your team?" she put her hands on her hips, this was kinda like when she joined Omega, only less guys.

She couldn't help but laugh, their faces were priceless, "So, let me get this straight," the dark one started, "We have a chick on our team?"

Stevie stopped laughing and frowned, "I have a name you know, and its not chick, or doll, or babe, or honey, or any other repulsive names like that."

"Now," she reached out to man in the bandana, "Can I please have my tags back." He grunted and tossed them to her. She put it over her head and wore it so it was showing.

"Now you all know my name thanks to some smartass," she glared at the blond man, "Now It would be nice to know your's."

The Latino was first to speak, "Domanic Santiago; call me Dom." "Augustus Cole baby!" the African American was next to speak, although he kind of shouted it.

"Wait, you mean Cole as in 'the Cole Train'?" She just had to ask, "You know it! The one and only!" Stevie smiled, her father was a HUGE fan of his.

"Marcus, Marcus Fenix." the man in the bandanna spoke next, he nodded his greeting, "And now all that's left is the smartass." She crossed her arms and waited a moment for him to speak.

Once he didn't say anything Marcus said, "Baird...?" urging him to introduce himself. The man sighed and then finally said, "Damon Baird."

"Pleasure to meet all of you, well, pleasure to meet most of you." She then brought her hand up to her mouth, "*cough* smartass *cough* *cough*."

"Now that thats done, we should get the resonator to the factory, right?" Damon Baird asked. Marcus nodded, "Dom, still got that plan of yours?" "You know it." Dom said nodding.

"Well then, lets get going."

Chapter 2 Edit

Delta Squad walked up on a compound with a metal wall in-closing it. Stevie was walking behind Baird and Cole, with Marcus and Dom walking in front of them.

'Wait a minute,' she thought looking at the compound, 'This looks like a Stranded base!'

She glared at it and then stopped and watched the rest walk up to it. She could still her them talking as Dom said, "Hey man, Franklin here?" to the Stranded who apparently was watching the gate.

Marcus looked around and then at her, he moved his head a little to indicate her wanted her over by them, quickly, she walked over and stood by Baird.

The Stranded noticed her and she looked away, although she could still feel his eyes on her, "Yep, usual spot," he said answering Dom's question, the gate opened and they walked in but before it closed, she, and probably all of Delta heard him say, "Don't get to cold in there chicky."

She growled and rolled her eyes, "Pig." She got more nervous as they continued through the compound, she knew every Stranded in that compound was looking at her.

The rest of delta must of noticed it too as they made a square around her, with Marcus and Dom in the front, Baird and Cole behind and her in the middle, "Hey chicketta," a Stranded by a fire said out loud, "Wanna come warm yourself by the fire, plenty of room."

She looked the other way, took a deep breath, and tried to calm her nerves. Delta squad walked up to three men, one was slightly dark with it looked like night-vision goggles on, and to others which she guessed to be his body guards.

She looked away again as she felt both the body guards eyes on her and she discreetly hide behind Baird again.

"Hey, Santiago!" the man said to Dom, "Sorry man, no news on your lady, you know I would tell." The man then leaned in and said to Dom quietly, "Hey man, I don't want people seeing us together, its not good for business."

Dom looked back at the rest of Delta squad and began to talk, "I need the junker man." The man looked surprised for a moment and then shook his head vigorously, "No way, your crazy if you think I'm gonna give you my ride."

Dom glared at the man and shook his own head. He lifted his arm and started to poke the man vigorously, "You owe me! I'm calling in the favor, right here, right now."

The two body guard started to advance when Franklin lifted his arm slightly and they stopped.

"Okay, man, okay, on one condition," he pointed in Baird's and Cole's direction, "They stay here, we could use the extra guns, man, its collateral." She could see Dom smirk and nod some, "Done."

The man smirked back and gave him the keys. Marcus and Dom started walking and Stevie followed slowly when the man said, "Hey! No more favors asshole!" She heard Dom grunt and sighed with relief as they were almost out of the compound.

"Hey, Hey! Hold on Santiago!" Dom, Marcus, and Stevie all turned and faced him, "What about are condition?!" Dom raised an eyebrow and looked at Cole and Baird, "They're staying here, that was the condition."

The man shook his head, "Yeah they're here, but what about the babe behind you, man." Stevie immediately froze, she did not want to stay here, not with these Stranded.

The man then smirked, "You see, we don't have any women at this compound, and we, as men, can get a bit lonely, if ya know what I mean."

"You said you wanted them, not her." Dom said sternly. The man laughed a little, "I said 'they' and I knew that doll was standing behind the blond guy. So, she stays too, or no junker."

Stevie growled a bit, Karma! Karma! Karma! She then sighed again and looked down, guess she had to, "Now wait a minute," Marcus begun and Stevie quickly cut him off, "Its okay, Marcus, I'll stay," she then walked up in front of both and them, "But if any of you assholes touch me, I will shotgun your flippin' head off, and I mean it."

This made the man laugh all the more and a wide smirk spread across his face, "You should know where your place is, bitch." Stevie immediately froze as she thought of her past, when the Stranded out-casted her, when she was treated like dirt.

"Watch it." Baird 's voice shook her out of it and she looked up to see him stepping forward, glaring fiercely at the guy, who just laughed even more. Stevie found her courage and commented, "Love to laugh, don't you bastard."

The man stopped laughing, but still had a sick smile on his face, he motioned with his head for her to come here, Stevie let out a small raspy breath and, glaring at the man the whole way, walked over.

"Good, girl," his smile grew all the more bigger as he turned to Dom, "Okay, Santiago, I got the chick, you can go." "I am not an object." Stevie retorted still glaring, "Well in here you are."

Dom and Marcus looked at each other, and back at Stevie, she could tell they were uncertain if they should go. So, she forced herself to smile and said, "Don't worry guys, I'll be fine, plus I have the Smartass and Cole here, I'll be okay." She heard Baird giggle a tiny bit from behind her.

They still seemed a bit uncertain but Marcus nodded and they left to go get the junker.

Stevie held back a sigh and turned to see all the men, once again, staring at her. She started to feel a little nervous about it and rubbed the back of her neck, then trotted over to Baird. Then he commented, "You know you guys should learn its not polite to stare," Baird put his hands on his hips, "I know, I know, I'm gorgeous." he smirked.

Stevie, since the first time they arrived, giggled a little, only a little, but Baird was satisfied with it and his smirk grew into a wide grin. "Looks like we have a smartass in the facility",she said and turned to looked at him, she had momentarily forgotten about Franklin, and crept closer to Baird.

"You know I wouldn't classify you as a smartass," Baird said to the man with his one hand still on his hip, "I would classify you as a Jackass, or even an Asshole." he smiled at the man.

Stevie couldn't help but smile, Baird was a smartass sometimes, he was called it a lot of times, but he was entertaining and fun and sertainly knew how to lightin the mood.

The man sighed and shook his head, "You should watch it." he took a step forward along with his bodyguards, "Around here you could get your head blown off for saying that kind of shit."

Baird just shrugged, "You seemed to do it a lot, although I bet Stevie would have blown your head off if you would have kept it up." She couldn't resist to laugh more and this time even Cole chuckled.

The man just smiled and then looked at the girl beside Baird, "Stevie?" he chuckled a bit, she narrowed her eyes at him. She hated it when people made fun of her name, "Shut up!" she stepped in front of Baird, "I'm proud of my Name, so what if its a bit boyish, my mother loved it and so do I!"

"Awwww," he chuckled a bit more and crossed his arms, "I think I hit a wittle nerve." the men around him also chuckled a bit and Stevie could feel her face going red, "Did you wittle mommy also give you those goggles, or what about that attitude? ha, ha," he once again chuckled.

"I bet your mom was a bitch." Stevie had him on the ground in a second with herself on top of him and one of her hands smushing his face in the dirt, she cocked her shotgun with one arm and held it to his head, "Say one more fucking word about my mother, and I will blow off all of your limbs one at a time, let you almost die by bleeding, and then, when your almost dead I'll blow your fucking head off."

All the men were taken back for a few moments, even Baird and Cole were shocked, yes Baird had been threaten with her shotgun before, but not as violent as this.

Franklin had one eye shut to keep dirt from getting in it, he mumbled something but then he smirked, "What?!" Stevie pushed the shotgun into his head harder, "Do you think I'm kidding?"

"No, I don't actually," he chuckled a little, "Then why the hell are you laughing?!" "Because, you shoot me once, and you'll all be dead in five seconds" she looked up to find just about every stranded standing up, looking at them, and they all had guns, "So go for it." his smirk grew.

She scowled and let up a little, "Besides," he started again, "I believe I'm suppose to be on top." She stopped and looked at there position, she felt a light blush coming on and quickly got off the man who started to laugh, and all the other Stranded joined in. Stevie backed up to Baird and Cole. 

She turned and faced Baird but instead of looking at him she looked at the ground in front of him. She could feel her face getting redder and redder as the men continued to laugh.

She felt Baird put his hand on her shoulder, she brought her hand up to rest it on Baird's. Stevie wanted to pull his hand off her, but she coulden't, she dropped her hand. Stevie closed her eyes tightly and wished it would all go away, that her family were still alive, that she stilled lived in her home, and that she never had to fight in this stupid, stupid war.

A young girl at the age of about six skipped happily down a dirt road leading to a big white house. Her brown, slightly curly, hair was down to her shoulders and it bounced with every step she took.

Her eyes were big and hazel and looked like they were full of life. She hummed a nice little tune as she neared the house and saw a women wearing a straw hat picking flowers in the front yard.

She stopped when she got to her and smiled, "Hi momma!" The women looked up and smiled back, she also had brown hair, but she had blue eyes, instead of Hazel.

"Hi, sweetheart." her voice sounded kind and gentle, and it went along perfectly with her smile, "Watcha-doing?" the girl put her hands behind her back and started to sway slightly, "I'm just picking flowers for the vase on the dinner table, the other ones are almost dead."

The girl nodded and looked around, "Where's Ricky?" The women looked back down and continued to pick the flowers, "Your brother is over at Jason's." "Oh," she stated plainly and sighed obviously bored, "Is papa still at work?" She saw the women nod and she sighed again, "I guess I'll just go inside then."

She started toward the house again but stopped when she heard her name, "Stevie, darling, since your brother isn't here to help, you wouldn't mind helping me, would you?"

The girl whirled around showing the women a huge smile and said, "Would I ever!" This made the women laugh a bit and look back up at the girl.

In which the girl smiled back, happy as ever, she sat down next to the women and started to pick some of the flowers, humming the same little tune in which the mother started to hum it as well.

And they sat there picking flowers, without a care in the world.

Stevie shook her head trying to escape the memories and still had her eyes tight shut but she could still hear the men laughing, "Shut up." she whispered but the men paid no mind. Only Baird and Cole heard her.

She gritted her teeth and shut her eyes tighter, "I said shut up!" she whirled and and fired her shotgun, of course she wasn't aiming to kill, just to scare, all the men at once stopped laughing and she opened her eyes to find she missed Franklin by an inch, she could hear him gulp.

She cocked her shotgun, pointed it at him, and glared, "Come on, keep laughing, I dare you." she was a bit surprised on how much hatred was in her voice.

Franklin gulped again and finally stood up, got his composure and he held out his hand, "Give me that shotgun," he took a step forward with every other Stranded in the compound, "Now."

Stevie scowled, she knew they couldn't fight all these people. She looked at Baird who nodded, so she sighed and glared at him some more, then recluntently, gave him her shotgun, which when she did he smirked.

Franklin then turned to the men and lifted his head slightly, apparently dismissing them, and then he turned back to the Gears, "You have got to be the roughest chick I've ever meet."

Stevie, still glaring replied, "You would be after what I've been through." the man was about to reply back when the Gears radio crackled, "Baird, Baird are you there?"

Baird reached up to his ear and, along with Stevie and Cole, walked out of hearing distance of the Stranded, "How are you guys doing? More importantly how's Stevie doing?" Stevie sighed at his comment.

"I'm fine Marcus, although most of them here are assholes, especially that Franklin guy, but if he ever makes fun of my mother again I'm apologizing in advance for what I'm gonna do to him."

The radio crackled again, "That good, huh?" Stevie allowed a smile to grace her lips. "Well, we're almost at the station, hang tight guys." she then clicked her radio off and put her hands on her hips and faced Baird "Man, I really wanna leave." She sighed once more and kicked a rock.

Crack! She looked up, and then looked from Baird to Cole and asked, "Did you guys hear that?" Baird looked around and said sarcastically, "Hear what?" She just rolled her eyes at him and turned to walk back to Franklin.

she held out her hand, "Give me my gun back," she smiled, "Now." Franklin looked at her with a stern glare, "Excuse me?" Stevie cleared her throat, "Give me my fucking shotgun, now."

He crossed his arms, "Why the he-" "Boom!" his voice was cut off by a loud explosion as the gate to reveal two boomers and a whole lot of Locust standing behind them.

She narrowed her eyes, pushed Franklin to cover and dove to Baird and Cole. "Boom!" another shot was fired and it almost hit Cole and Baird, who quickly took cover, along with the rest of the stranded.

She started firing her lancer at the two Boomers along with Baird and Cole, she could feel bullets fly past her, she took cover behind a rock near Baird and Cole and it was when she was reloaded finally responded to Franklin,

"Thats Why!"

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