Be advised that this article is not real.This has nothing to do with the facts of Gears of War. Do not take this seriously for it is made up.Thank you and enjoy!

==Gears of War : New Generation==

Hi, this is User:Aceyimroids00 and I'm the creator of Gears of War: New Generation exclusive for Xbox 360. Now, the Locust are back and this time, they're bigger and badder than ever. This new Gears of War game takes place 38 years after E-Day. Since the Locust were defeated by Marcus and the rest of Delta Squad along with the rest of the [[C.O.G.]] Army, the Locust weren't really finished off yet. Locust reinforcements have arrived 18 years after E-Day and have unleashed a terror beyond any other. From a small number of Locust a large Locust beast which can take down a city if unleashed. Since this game isn't really real, me and my fellow crew introduces you to the new features of Gears of War: New Generation. Hope you enjoy it and welcome to the fight.

==Main Menu==

This will tell you all you need to know about Gears of War:New Generation Main Menu

>Press StartTakes you to the next menu

Campaign-Takes you to the main game

<no</nowiki>Versus'''-Takes you to the versus menu

'''Achievements'''-Takes you to the Xbox Achievements menu

'''Options'''-Takes you to the options menu

==Campaign Menu==

'''Single Player'''-Takes you to the mode menu when playing single player

'''Split-Screen'''-Takes you to the player menu when playing split-screen

'''Host Co-op'''-Takes you to the player menu when hosting a co-op game

'''Join Co-op'''-Takes you to the player menu when joining a hosted co-op game

==Versus Menu==

'''Two-Player'''-Takes you to the player menu when playing two-player

'''Group Game'''-Takes you to the player menu when playing a group game

'''Team Play'''-Takes you to the player and team menu when playing a team game

'''Horde'''-Takes you to the player and team menu when playing Horde

'''One-Man Army'''-Takes you to the player menu when playing


'''Sound'''-Takes you to the sound system so you can adjust the volume, bass, and everything else

'''Music'''-Listen to the soundtracks and sound effects of the game

'''Controls'''-Change the controls of the game controller

'''Record Board'''-View the standings of Gears of War players on Xbox Live

==Menu Explanations==

'''Single Player'''-Do a single player campaign against the Locust

'''Split Screen'''-Have a two-player campaign against the Locust on a split screen

'''Host Co-op'''-Host a co-op game on your regards and have a person on Xbox Live join you in campaign

'''Join Co-op'''-Join a co-op game on another person's regards by using Xbox Live

'''Two-Player'''-Fight one on one with another person by using split screen or separate screen

'''Group Game'''-Play up to four players in versus mode and have an all out battle by using Xbox Live

'''Team Play'''-Play up to as many people on each of the two teams and fight each other by using Xbox Live

'''Horde'''-Play up to 10 people this time for the map is larger and there are stronger Locust out there (can only be accessed by using Xbox Live

'''One-Man Army'''-This is a new mode. You can play up to 8 players. 1 in the prime target while the other 7 try to take him down. The prime player has higher health than the other players and gets to start with the weapons unlocked in Campaign mode while the other 7 start with other weapons. [[C.O.G.]] soldiers start with the [[Lancer Assault Rifle]], a [[Snub Pistol]], a [[Gnasher Shotgun]], and two Bolo Grenades. [[Locust]] soldiers start the [[Hammerburst]], a [[Boltok Pistol]], a Hammerburst II, and two Bolo Grenades. They can pick up weapons along the way if needed. Whoever has the highest ranking in the record board on Xbox Live can be the prime player. After the match, you can choose whoever you want to be the prime target next.

= Gamma Squad =

Gamma Squad was created by Andrew Yim and was formed 18 years after E-Day. After Echo Squad left and never returned for a while, Gamma Squad was formed and was assigned to keep the tasks Echo Squad was supposed to do. It consists of four members, Sergeant Andrew, Private Amanda, Private Alex, and Private-In-Training Michael. Although this group contains younger individuals, every one of them contains a piece of strength that makes up the Gamma Squad.

= Members =

There were a total of 8 members of Gamma Squad. However, 4 lived while 4 were K.I.A. Here are those who are alive.

== Active Members ==

'''Andrew "Ace" Yim (34)'''

Andrew is the founder and the leader of Gamma Squad. He leads his teammates into battle without hesitating and always pulled through the toughest enemies. He earned the nickname "Ace" because of his ability to outwit any obstacle that comes in his way. He's willing to take responsibility to whatever happens to his teammates and he never let them down. Leading a 4-man army and in search of an important person, his determination is the strongest weapon on the battlefield. He prefers the [[Longshot Sniper Rifle]] amongst the other weapons for he has the fastest sniping time in the whole [[C.O.G.]] Army.

'''Amanda "Hawk" Cha (37)'''

Amanda is the cousin of Andrew Yim and the sister of Alex Cha. She's the only active female member in the team. She earned the nickname "Hawk" for her ability to seek out anyway faraway Locust such as a sniper. When she spots one, she orders her fellow teammates to take cover before the sniper could get a lock on them. She also has the best accuracy in the squad and can snipe out an enemy with just about any weapon. She chooses the [[Hammerburst]] Assault Rifle over the other weapons. Therefore, she can dual-wield them.

'''Alex "Firearm" Cha (36)'''

Alex is the cousin of Andrew Yim and the brother of Amanda Cha. He's the second-highest ranking soldier in the squad. He earned the nickname "Firearm" because he can use any weapon to bring down any type of Locust. If a Locust has a [[Gnasher Shotgun]] and Alex has a [[Boltok Pistol]], Alex would win that battle. Out of all the soldiers in the [[C.O.G.]] Army, Alex has broken every record for every type of weapon. Even though his weapon skills are 3 to none, he prefers to use the [[Torque Bow]].

'''Michael "Boom" Ahn (34)'''

Michael is the best friend of Andrew Yim. He is the youngest soldier ever to join the [[C.O.G.]] Army and is a Private-In-Training. He earned the nickname "Boom" because of his specialty in grenades. His grenade throwing skills has pinpoint accuracy and can kill a Locust before it can move away. His other weapon of choice is the [[Boomshot Grenade Launcher]]. His accuracy with grenades helps him use the Boomshot greatly, even when an enemy is behind cover. Stated previously, Michael chooses to use Bolo Grenades and the Boomshot the most.

== Deceased Members ==

'''Michael Kurtzke (35 when killed)'''

Michael was a friend of Andrew Yim for 3 years. He's a soldier/scientist working for [[C.O.G.]] When E-Day came, he devoted himself to find a new way to get rid of the [[Locust]]. Following up on the [[Lightmass Bomb]] Project, Michael created a new weapon; the [[Lightmass Core]]. The Lightmass Core is the size of the [[Resonator]] Delta Squad used to map out the Locust tunnels, and it packs 10x the power of the Lightmass Bomb. Unfortunately, Michael was killed while defending the C.O.G. Base from invading Locust.

'''Jonathan Velasco (34 when killed)'''

Jonathan was one of Andrew Yim's friends who always stuck by him. Jonathan was the second-highest ranking officer in Gamma Squad. Jonathan's bravery led Gamma Squad through every event, however, streaks don't last forever. When boarding the [[King Ravens]] at the Battle of [[Jacinto Plateau]], the [[Locust]] were hot on their tail. Jonathan stayed back and lured them away from the Ravens as they took off. Andrew was the only one who saw Jonathan's courageous sacrifice.

'''Jonathan Russell (34 when killed)'''

Jonathan was one of Andrew Yim's friends who always stuck by him. Although one of the youngest soldiers in the C.O.G. Army, he had the guts of a general. His tactic is going in and attacking anything that came in his path. However, when escaping a Hollow, Jonathan was struck by 6 [[Torque Bow]] arrows. While Gamma Squad escaped, Jonathan ran back towards the enemy and exploded upon contact; which also destroyed the Hollow and the tunnel leading it.

'''Luiggi Lopez (34 when killed)'''

A soldier of great deeds and a love for gum and guns, he's one of the top soldiers in the C.O.G Army. Alongside Gamma Squad, Luiggi was the type of soldier you would like to call powerful. He can take numerous amounts of bullets into his customized armor and can also withstand a melee attack from the enemy. Although his armor was tough, it didn't last very long. During the Battle of Embry Square, he was shot down by a brutal assault of [[Troika]] turrets.

= Echo Squad =

Echo Squad was created by Thomas Lee and was formed 18 years after E-Day. Echo Squad was created a few months before Gamma Squad. They were tasked with difficult missions and carried them out just fine, until on one mission, they were lost. This group consisted of Sergeant Thomas, Private Jaron, Private Matt, and Private Aaron. This group contains older soldiers in the army.

= Members =

There were a total of 8 members of Echo Squad. However, 4 lived while 4 were K.I.A. Here are those who are alive.

== Active Members ==

'''Thomas "E" Lee (38)'''

Thomas is the founder and leader of Echo Squad. He holds the highest ranking out of all the [[C.O.G.]] soldiers. He earned his nickname "E" because of his tactical manuevers, similar to the past general, Robert E. Lee. His determination to save every person on [[Sera]] has proven him to be the most courageous soldier on the battlefield. His preferred weapon is the [[Gnasher Shotgun]].

'''Jaron "Truck" Arrington (38)'''

Jaron is the second-highest ranking soldier in the Echo Squad. He earned the nickname "Truck" because of his strong attitude and large size (tall-wise). His attitude on the battlefield is strong and he never gives up, even when he's down on the ground. His strength allows him survive longer than anyone on the field. His [[melee]] attacks are stronger than any other [[C.O.G.]] soldiers. He chooses the Mulcher [[Chain Gun]] over the other weapons.

'''Matthew "Pain" Herman (36)'''

Matthew is a hard-headed soldier who has a heart for battle. He's ready for any action from a group of 6 [[Locust]] to a large [[Brumak]] assault. He earned the nickname "Pain" because his shots always head for the most painful spots on the body. He has the highest accuracy in the Echo Squad and he's always on the move. His preferred weapon is the [[Gorgon Burst Pistol]]. Therefore, he can dual wield them.

'''Aaron "Butcher" Bui (39)'''

Aaron is a cold-hearted soldier who will kill any Locust that comes in sight, even if it means fighting against a [[Brumak]] and a [[Corpser]]. He earned the nickname "Butcher" because instead of shooting foes at close distant, he can either chainsaw them into pieces, or he can use his medium-long sword (which can only be wielded by him) to cut up the Locust. He's rather chooses the [[Lancer Assault Rifle]] and the [[Chainsaw Bayonet]] attached to it.

== Deceased Members ==

'''John Hansel (38 when killed)'''

John was one of the soldiers in Echo Squad. His motivation was to stop the [[Locust]] from advancing and destroying once and for all, but it all failed for him. When down in the Locust tunnels, Echo Squad was about to leave, but John Hansel stayed back to pursue the following [[Corpser]] while the others escaped. The Corpser and John fought, however, when the Corpser was shot back in the pool of [[Imulsion]], it dragged John with it. He hasn't been seen since.

'''Justin Ladson (38 when killed)'''

Justin was a soldier of gratitude and guts. He respects his teammates, but gets all pissed at the Locust. His loyalty to his teammates and the rest of Echo Squad made him a reliable soldier. But that all came to a halt. When fighting a [[Brumak]], he took it on solo while the others left for their mission ahead. He high-jacked the beam cannon attached to its back and programmed it to self-destruct. He controlled the Brumak to stay back behind the advancing soldiers and then, the cannon exploded taking the Brumak, and Justin with it.

'''Thomas Ly (38 when killed)'''

Thomas was one of the [[C.O.G.]] Army's best soldiers. His grudge against the [[Locust]] for killing his family drove him into war. He'll do anything to get his family back. However, that all changed. When fighting at the new Imulsion Factory, Echo Squad was on their way out from the timed explosion, but Thomas got left behind because of the surrounding Lambent [[Wretches]]. He was attacked and had to stay back. After Echo Squad left, The Imulsion Factory exploded. As the smoke cleared, there was no trace of Thomas anywhere.

'''Steven Tidwell (36 when killed)'''

Steven was a soldier of great power and speed. These abilities gave him the ability to take down Locust easily. His skills with weapons were high and he had one of the best records in the [[C.O.G.]] Army. Unfortunately, when Echo Squad was evacuating the [[Stranded]]-filled city which was being attacked by Locust, Steven stayed behind to buy Echo Squad some time so they could leave. When Echo Squad left, the whole city fell through the earth. Echo Squad wouldn't have been able to leave without Steven's sacrifice.

= Other Characters =

'''Sergeant Matthew Yim (38) [Missing]'''

Matthew is the cousin of Alex and Amanda Cha and the brother of Andrew Yim. His weapon skills were one of the best in the C.O.G. Army and was chosen to lead a squad. He was originally the Sergeant of Delta Squad, but when they were scheduled to kill General RAAM 13 years after E-Day (2 months before [[Dom]] released [[Fenix]]), things weren't pretty. When Delta Squad met up with him in the Hollow, Matthew decided to go solo and take it from there. Delta Squad evacuated the Locust Hollow as Matthew fought against RAAM. When Delta Squad was far away from the Hollow, it exploded. When Delta Squad returned to the [[C.O.G.]] Base, they figured out General RAAM was still alive. It was as if Matthew's battle was meant for nothing. However, some sources say that Matthew was seen somewhere in Sera. Now, Andrew Yim is in search for him, for he is the only hope to destroy the Locust.

'''Private Allison Bod (39) [Missing]'''

Allison was a longtime friend of Amanda and Alex Cha. She was one of the first female soldiers ever to join the C.O.G. Army. She was one of those soldiers who came up with tactics strong enough to take down a whole Hollow. However, during the Battle of Embry Square, when deploying the [[Resonator]], Allison stayed behind to protect it. When Gamma Squad escaped, the Court Building was blasted with sonic waves. It is not yet confirmed if Allison survived the blast or not.

'''Private Bryant & Justin Ahn (39 & 38) [Missing]'''

Bryant and Justin are brothers who fight for the safety of their friends. They're one of the top soldier duo in the army and they never let each other down. Their skills in guns served them well in the events of Gears of War 2, however, they went missing. During A-Day, when the [[C.O.G.]] soldiers were retreating, Bryant and Justin were both lost in battle. Although they didn't return to the base, there were sightings of two soldiers running alongside each other...

'''Private Aaron Slone (34) [Missing]'''

Aaron is a soldier who always wanted to go to war since he was a child. He joined the army during A-Day and killed many Locust during that time. But after a month later, Aaron was sent out with some other soldiers to take out the remaining Locust in city outside Jacinto Plateau, but the team was lost, plus there were still sounds of flying bullets in the air...

'''Informer Danielle (Dani) Dangremond (34) [Missing]'''

Dani is one of the first woman soldiers to ever join the [[C.O.G.]] Army. Although she isn't the type of soldier who is very good with guns, but she is an expert at giving advice to her fellow teammates. Unfortunately, when Dani was giving orders to a group, she accidentally made a mistake and the group was killed. Therefore, she was gone afterwards due to her mistake. No one knows where she went...

'''Colonel Kyle Hoffman (69)'''

Kyle Hoffman is the younger brother of Victor Hoffman, who retired before the events of A-Day. He holds the same ranking as him and also has the same attitude. He learned all of his techniques from Victor himself. When a squad needs some escorting, Hoffman is the one for the job. His tactics are brutal and can come in handy when being attacked by a bunch of Locust. He's currently located in the C.O.G. Base, but he sometime shows up to back-up his fellow teammates.

=Prime Squad=

Prime Squad was created after the detonation of the Lightmass Core. This group of 13 is a combination of the Gamma Squad, Echo Squad, and the Missing (characters). This is seen and mentioned during the cinematic after beating the game on Psychotic. Here are the soldiers:

-'''Andrew "Ace" Yim (34)'''

-'''Amanda "Hawk" Cha (37)'''

-'''Alex "Firearm" Cha (36)'''

-'''Michael "Boom" Ahn (34)'''

-'''Thomas "E" Lee (38)'''

-'''Jaron "Truck" Arrington (38)'''

-'''Matthew "Pain" Herman (36)'''

-'''Aaron "Butcher" Bui (39)'''

-'''Bryant & Justin Ahn (39 & 38)'''

-'''Dani Dangremond (34)'''

-'''Aaron Slone (34)'''

-'''Allison Bod (39)'''

-'''Matthew Yim (38)'''


'''A'''-Roll---Take cover behind an object---Roll out of cover

'''B'''-Chainsaw Duel (press rapidly)---Melee attack---Rev Chainsaw Bayonet

'''X'''-Pick up an object or ammo---Any action required

'''Y'''-Point of Interest

'''R-Trigger'''-Fire weapon---Activate chainsaw while holding B

'''R-Bumper'''-Reload weapon/Active reload

'''L-Trigger'''-Aim weapon

'''L-Bumper'''-Check TAC/COM

'''D-Pad'''-Change weapons

'''Control Stick (Left)'''-Move

'''Control Stick (Bottom Right)'''-Turn



=New Modes=

There will be 5 modes in this game. Each with its own difficulty.

'''Casual'''-Enemies are weak and aren't that smart. You also have the max health (600 HP). This is a great mode for beginners who are slow at learning. (Easy)

'''Normal'''-Enemies are below average and have a below average mind. Their health is 12% higher than normal and you have a tiny bit less of health (650 HP). If you're done with the training grounds, go for this mode. (Normal)

'''Hardcore'''-Enemies are somewhat moderate and have average minds. Their health is 25% higher than normal and you have a little less health (500 HP). This is the mode for those who are average, but not experts. (Hard)

'''Insane'''-Enemies are strong and are quite smart. Their health is 50% higher than normal and you have less health than before (400 HP). This is a good mode for those who want challenging battles. (Suicidal)

'''Psychotic'''-This new mode is beyond others. Enemies are really strong and are really smart. They know how to dodge well and know when to shoot. Their health is also 75% higher than normal and you have barely any health (300 HP). This mode is basically based on real life where you can die easily while the Locust can't. This mode is recommended for those who are up for the battle of their lifetime. (Why God?)

'''One Chance'''-This new mode is the newest of all modes. As the name states, you have one chance to deliver the final blow to the Locust. Think of this as an endurance mode. You are required to complete all of the Acts without dying. This mode is based on Hardcore/Insane mode. Psychotic would be a little too chaotic. If you're on Co-op, your partner can revive you up to 3 times. Your time and how far you get into the game is recorded to your Gamer's Profile and can be submitted to the Xbox Live Record Board. You can get Achievements on how far you get into the game. This mode is recommended for those who mastered the techniques and tactics of Gears of War. (Endurance)

=New Vehicles=

There will be 3 new vehicles featured in Gears of War : New Generation.


The Odyssey is a combat boat which holds a [[Chain Gun]], a [[Troika]], and 4 Tri-Troika Turrets. This is introduced in Act 3 when Gamma Squad is escorted to an island to retrieve a new weapon which can destroy the Locust.


The Rhino is a new tank featured in the new Gears of War game. It has two [[Chain Guns]] attached to the base roller and a powerful cannon attached to the top part of the tank. It has strong armor and can also resist Locust bullets and a Nemacyst assault. This is introduced in Act 5 where Gamma Squad is escorted to the Locust stronghold.

'''Queen Raven'''

This type of Raven is a bit different than the King Raven. The Queen Raven holds mounted Chain Guns on both wings including a rocket launcher near the front of the ship. It also holds 2 Tri-Troikas on the passengers side. Its larger than the King Raven and holds much more firepower. There are only 4 in the game and they are introduced in Act 6 where the Gamma Squad is seen in the Locust stronghold.

=New Weapons=

There will be 8 new weapons in the new Gears of War : New Generation, each with its own unique ability.

'''Mac Pistol'''

The Mac Pistol is a pistol with powerful shots. It has more firepower than the [[Boltok Pistol]] and the [[Gorgon Burst Pistol]] put together. It has a larger recoil and its rate of fire is pretty slow. Magazine Size: 5 - Maximum Ammo: 25 Introduced in Act 1

Execution: The shooter picks up the fallen target, bashes the target's head with the handle of the gun, then shoots the target in the head, and throws him on the ground.

'''Jack & Jill SMGs'''

The Jack & Jill are dual-wielded sub-machine guns. Jack has more firepower than Jill, but it has a slower rate of fire. Jill has less firepower than Jack, but it has a faster rate of fire. Magazine Size (Both): 80 - Maximum Ammo: (Jack) 600-(Jill) 800 Introduced in Act 2

Execution: The shooter hits the side of the fallen target's head with Jack once, then hits the other side of the head with Jill, and then bashes the target's head with both guns.

'''Pak Hammer'''

Instead of shoot-then-pump shotguns, this shotgun is basically a semi-automatic shotgun that doesn't require pumping. It packs a lot of power and can be used to hit enemies in the distance as well. Magazine Size: 10 - Maximum Ammo: 80 Introduced in Act 3

Execution: The shooter flips the gun, grabs the nozzle, and thrusts it down and bashes the fallen target's head.

'''Flechette Rifle'''

This rifle shoots short spikes instead of bullets. It may shoot slower than the [[Longshot Sniper Rifle]], but it packs more firepower. Advise that enemies can still dodge your spikes. Magazine Size: 1 - Maximum Ammo: 26. Introduced in Act 3

Execution: The shooter aims for the fallen target's heart and fires a spike into it. It uses up one ammo and reloads automatically.

'''Imulsion Grenade'''

The [[Imulsion]] Grenade is a [[Bolo Grenade]] filled with Imulsion. They explode like Lambent [[Wretches]], but they're bigger and can greatly damage anyone who is close in range. Introduced in Act 1

Execution: None

'''Hammerburst Assault Rifle'''

Since [[Gears of War 2]] replaced the [[Hammerburst]] with the Hammerburst II, a semi-automatic weapon, it's time to bring it back.  The rapid burst fire of this gun is extremely accurate when fired at an opponent compared to the [[Lancer Assault Rifle]].  Between a Hammerburst and the second version, the Hammerburst II, either weapon is a weapon of choice.  Magazine Size: 60 (6 per shot) - Maximum Ammo: 660.  Introduced in Act 2

'''Flare Cannon'''

People might say that this is a portable [[Hammer of Dawn]]. This laser cannon can shoot a burst of energy which can fry up any [[Locust]] in its path. It aims like the Hammer of Dawn with its laser sight and a tiny crosshair. The Flare Cannon will fire a burst of energy in a form of a laser that will burn anything in its laser sight. After 6 shots, you have to reload an energy cell into the back of the Flare Cannon which take about 1.25 seconds. Its large recoil will screw up your aiming if fired to fast. Introduced in Act 6

Execution: None

Note: The Flare Cannon is described as the "Superweapon" of Gears of War:New Generation.

'''Skull Drill'''

The [[Chainsaw Bayonet]] was one thing, but the Skull Drill is another. It may not be attached to another gun, but it packs enough power to drill holes in a Locust. Even though a separate gun, when you rev up the Skull Drill, you don't drop it when you get shot like the Chainsaw. Once you reach an enemy, get ready for an quick and intense kill. This weapon can also replace the pistol slot in your weapon inventory. Introduced in Act 2

Execution: The shooter raises the shooter above the fallen target's head and brings it down with brute force.

'''Tri-Troika Heavy Machine Gun'''

This [[Troika]] is just like any other Troika Turret. However, it consists of triple barrels instead of two. When it fires, the barrels rotate giving the gun a faster shooting time and better accuracy. It can either be mounted or held. However, Kraaluses are the only ones that can wield them by hand.

= New Enemies =

4 new enemies will be present in the new Gears of War game.


[[Casual]]-700 HP [[Hardcore]]-875 HP [[Insane]]-1050 HP '''Psychotic'''-1225 HP

This type of Locust is similar to the [[Kantus]], but has a RAAM-sized body, Theron robes, and a Boomer accent. Its about as tall as RAAM itself. It can order attacks on its enemies like you. It wields a Tri-Troika Heavy Machine Gun like RAAM (but he holds a regular [[Troika]] Heavy Machine Gun) and holds more firepower than him, but he lacks the brains, he doesn't have a [[Kryll]] shield, and has less health. Plus, to even it out, his accuracy is wild (as in crazy bad). The bullets spread instead of being on target. But if you get caught in a spray of bullets, you're screwed. When you see this big [[Locust]], we advise you take him out first. Introduced in Act 2


When this gigantic [[Locust]] makes an entrance, take cover immediately! This large four-legged beast resembles a [[Brumak]] and a [[Corpser]], but we call it the Beast of the Locust Horde. It carries a gigantic fortress attached on its back with chains and its filled with Locust and many mounted [[Troika]] Turrets. Each of its shoulders hold mounted rocket launchers which can destroy any fleeing enemy. This beast greatly outsizes the Brumak massively and makes it look like a pussy cat. Only a few have survived to tell us this valuable information. First appeared in Act 1 - Battled in Act 4


[[Casual]]-175 HP [[Hardcore]]-220 HP [[Insane]]-265 HP '''Psychotic'''-270 HP

This type of Locust is an expert in the dark. Although similar to the Lambent [[Wretches]] and with the body of a [[Ticker]], Creepers don't have glowing [[Imulsion]] in their bodies. Creepers are swift and their hide is black so it can also sneak up on unaware enemies without being detected. However, besides the Creeper having a dark hide, its eyes emit a faint yellow color which can give away their position. Introduced in Act 3

Prophet Tamburge

This new Locust is now chosen as the new leader of the Locust after RAAM and Skorge. This new Locust is similar to RAAM but has a thicker hide and wields a Tri-Troika Heavy Machine Gun. Lore states that Tamburge taught and created the Kraalus which are in a class right underneath the Kantus. He also rides a Rhino Reaver (Hydra) like Skorge and commands the Locust priests of the Horde after Skorge's death.

'''Bull Reaver'''

If you thought the [[Brumak]] and the [[Corpser]] were huge, you won't believe what this type of Locust is made of. This type of [[Reaver]] is actually a mutation of a Rhino Reaver by falling into a lake full of [[Imulsion]]. The mutation altered the genes of the Rhino Reaver and changed it into the Bull Reaver. It is nearly twice its size and it hold a large mounted turret on its back. It also has a thicker hide than a [[Berserker]] so not even the [[Hammer of Dawn]] can bring it down. Only one exists in Locust history. Introduced in Act 6

=New Acts=


"After many years of battle, the humans have brought peace and prosperity to the planet, Sera.  Although they have brought salvation, it doesn't mean we'll stop fighting.  Our forces have grown within the past years, and we have built, a strong force, that cannot take down cities, but the entire planet as well.  The humans thought that they could destroy us with their atomic weaponry and their wits to sink our former home, but this time, it it our turn, to deliver the weapon, and sink their world instead."


The King Raven hovers down to the ground and from it, walks down two soldiers.  Andrew Yim and Michael Ahn walk up to the chopper and greet them.  "It's been a while cousins," says Andrew.  Alex and Amanda Cha, Andrew's two cousins, and the two of the top soldiers in the C.O.G., has arrived.  "It sure has been," says Amanda.  "So, you ready to kick some ass soon?" asks Michael.  Michael, the best friend of Andrew, has also joined the C.O.G. and is the youngest soldier in the force.  "Hell yeah!" says Alex.  "Give me some Locust and I'll fry them with this!"  "Well, we'll have to find out where they are first," says Andrew.  Then, they start wlaking down the hangar.  "The Locust have been jittery lately.  Their forces only surfaced in Emergence Holes and there are an average of only two per day."  "That's hard to believe," says Amanda.  "It is," says Michael.  "They're lying low for some reason.  It's as if they're trying to build up their forces or something."  "I hope that's not true," says Alex.  "The last thing we need is another war with the Locust."  Suddenly, the building shakes.  Then, it breaks down in rubble and fire spreads. "WARNING!  WARNING!  THE NEARBY CITY OF MONTEVADO HAS BEEN ATTACKED!  EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY!  EVACUATE!  EVACUATE!"  "Damn, it's true!" yells Alex.  "Come on!" says Andrew.  "Let's get out of here!"

==Act 1 : Beginning of the End==

This Act consists of 5 Chapters. '''-Chapter 1-''' This is where the battle begins.  Andrew and the rest of the squad then move through the building and journey through the station to find a way out.  Then, after a while of clearing the path, they eventually find a way out and the King Ravens arrive.  They board them and they fly off towards the city of Montevado.[[Montevado]] is sunk again into the ground by a Locust Sinkhole. [[C.O.G.]] soldiers are escorted to the city to defend it against the incoming Locust, but they don't stand a chance. Then, the Gamma Squad, the new squad of [[C.O.G.]] is sent to aid the soldiers. A King Raven arrives and Gamma Squad is escorted to the battle. '''-Chapter 2-'''The citizens evacuate, but there are still Locust in the area. So, Gamma Squad along with the other C.O.G. soldiers retreat out of the city. '''-Chapter 3-''' However, Gamma Squad was cut off from the route to the [[King Ravens]] so they have to find another way around. They take an alternate route in the city. They shoot down Locust along the way, then eventually, they come to an area filled with Locust. That's when the team uses the [[Hammer of Dawn]] on them. After that, there are two paths. Andrew and Michael take one while Amanda and Alex take the other. The team could either take the streets, or go through the buildings and provide cover. Eventually, they meet each other at the end of the paths and onto the landing Ravens. When the Raven takes off, there are Locust shooting at Gamma Squad with their mounted [[Troika]] Turrets. '''-Chapter 4-''' So, Gamma Squad uses their mounted [[Chain Gun]] turrets attached to their choppers to take down the mounted Troikas while they escape. After all of the turrets have been eliminated, they fly high in the sky. However, in the sky, there are [[Reavers]] on their tail. So, Gamma Squad uses the Chain Guns again to fend off the incoming Reavers. There are plenty and there are some that attempt to fly right next to the chopper. Therefore, Gamma Squad has to work together in order to take down the flying Reavers. After that, a Manticus pops up from an arriving Sinkhole and tries to shoot the Ravens. One goes down, but the one with Gamma Squad still survives. '''-Chapter 5-''' Therefore, now, they have to fend off the Beast of the Locust and take out the Locust on board the fortress attached to the Manticus. They use their mounted Chain Guns while the Locust aboard the Manticus use Troikas. Soon, after all of them are taken out, the Manticus attempts to blast the chopper with its mounted shoulder rocket launchers, but they barely miss and the Raven escapes with the Manticus roaring.

===Act 1 Chapters===

Chapter 1 : Here We Go Again

Chapter 2 : Retreat or Fight

Chapter 3 : All Aboard

Chapter 4 : Take Them Down

Chapter 5 : The Ugly and the Beast

====Story Format====

"Sera, a planet full of humans and beasts. The planet has been under the C.O.G.'s watch for many years and every event that happened, was always overcame by the C.O.G. While Sera is under the watch of the C.O.G., they have been under the watch of us, the Locust. We have broken through the surface to conquer all human beings because we were the saviors. We were the ones that will cleanse them of their horrible deeds. We were the ones that would've take control over the surface and leave the Lambent to die. But, the famed Marcus Fenix, the son of Adam Fenix, and his insolent squads of soldiers had somehow broken through our defenses. They rendered us weak and destroyed our palace. But we have survived that catastrophe too for we are limitless. Nothing can stop us at all. Now, as the clock ticks down, the alarm would soon ring as a sign of their unknown doom..."

==Act 2 : Fall of Humanity==

This Act consists of 7 Chapters. '''-Chapter 1-''' Gamma Squad is now dropped off at [[Jacinto Plateau]]. They are required to find their way to the [[Jacinto Maximum Security Prison]] to free the prisoners so the [[C.O.G.]] Army can use them as extra soldiers. They encounter Locust along the way so they have to get through them in order to get to the prison. Gamma Squad eventually finds their way to the entrance way to the prison, but they have to split up due to extra paths. '''-Chapter 2-''' Andrew and Alex go one way while Amanda and Michael go the other. They all encounter a large number of Locust in the prison road, but they can take them down. Before they can reach the end, Locust still stand in their way, but they fend them off. Then, the first appearance of the Krallus is introduced along with 2 Boomers. '''-Chapter 3-''' Eventually, they reach the prison block and open every prison door to free the prisoners. They're equipped with a [[Boltok Pistol]] and a [[Hammerburst]]. Each prisoner is held in a separate chamber so Gamma Squad has to navigate through the prison in order to free the prisoners. After they free the prisoners (15), the team is able to leave. But on the contrary, there are a group of Locust outside. '''-Chapter 4-''' The prisoners fight alongside Gamma Squad, but they can get shot down too. Once the Locust are felled, Gamma Squad is able to leave. But when they reach the entrance, things are even worse. '''-Chapter 5-'''A Berserker appears and Andrew and Michael go on ahead in order to lure her away from the prison block and into the open. Then, Andrew uses the [[Hammer of Dawn]] and kills the Berserker. And just when things are about to get good, another large group of Locust surrounds the team. Suddenly, Bryant and Justin Ahn jump in out of nowhere. They start shooting at the Locust while running around the Gamma Squad and the prisoners. '''-Chapter 6-''' Also, the squad and the prisoners start shooting back. Now, the whole prison entrance is a battle field. First come a wave of 5 [[Drones]], then the next wave is 10 Drones, then the third wave is 2 [[Theron Guards]] and 15 Drones, finally, the last wave consists of 3 Theron Guards, 1 Boomer, 20 Drones, and 1 Kraalus. After that, Bryant and Justin leads the team to the Ravens. '''-Chapter 7-''' The buildings will fall in their way, so they're going to have to weave their way out, plus, avoid the [[Wretches]] along the way as well. But, before Gamma Squad can leave, an assault of 4 Drones attempt to take them all down. Not going to happen. Then, Bryant, Justin, Gamma Squad, and the prisoners board the Ravens and fly off. The prison however crumbles through the ground because of an arriving sinkhole.

===Act 2 Chapters===

Chapter 1 : Timber

Chapter 2 : The Best Defense is a Good Offense

Chapter 3 : Crank That

Chapter 4 : Take No Prisoners

Chapter 5 : Penny for Your Thoughts

Chapter 6 : Dawn of the Living

Chapter 7 : The Great Escape

==Act 3 : Journey Through the Freezing Heat==

This Act consists of 5 Chapters. '''-Chapter 1-''' Now that Gamma Squad has released the prisoners, they now have to retrieve an important object, the [[Lightmass]] Core. This was a project created by Michael Kurtzke a few days after A-Day, but hid it somewhere before he died. Now, Gamma Squad is escorted to the Jacinto Docks 10 miles east of Jacinto Plateau. They have to ride the Odyssey, which is a combat boat, across a 50 mile sea in order to reach the island that holds Kurtzke's laboratory. While they're on it, they have to fend off flying Reavers with [[Chain Gun]], a [[Troika]], and 4 Tri-Troika Turrets. Once they reach the island, Gamma Squad finally noticed that the Locust has already entered the lab...during the night. It seems as if they want to destroy the lab and the Core with it. '''-Chapter 2-''' So, the Gamma Squad enters through a cellar door and into the lab. Locust seem to be in there, but not as much since it's basically pitch black down there, except for a few torches and light bulbs. In the darkness lurks the Creepers. Lambent [[Wretches]] were one thing, but these are way creepier. After Gamma Squad gets through the underground maze, they finally arrive at the lab room. '''-Chapter 3-''' A lot of old tests lay on the tables along with some instructions on how to construct the Lightmass Core. But, the construction paper is in pieces and are scattered throughout the lab. So, Gamma Squad has to retrieve the missing pieces in order to put together the final construction. Throughout the lab rooms, they find the pieces and move on through the lab halls in order to find the Core. The only problem is, the security system in this lab are still intact. '''-Chapter 4-''' Little ceiling turrets and tiny bots that have cannons on them take on any intruder that attempts to take the Lightmass Core. However, the Gamma Squad is too smart for that. They dodge and outsmart each trap and finally reach the lab holding the Lightmass Core. However, before opening the lab door, they encounter a Security Bot Soldier in the Supply Room. It holds an arm cannon capable of shooting rapid bullets similar to the [[Chain Gun]]. Eventually, the squad is about to retrieve it, but it was gone. There was no trace of it. Then, Locust have entered the facility. Time was short and they had to evacuate. Just then, the radio that Andrew holds comes on. An unknown person orders them to activate the time bomb located in the same room. The team activates it and the clock starts ticking. The rest of the squad think they should trust this person, but Andrew does. '''-Chapter 5-''' The person gives them the directions to leave the lab without encountering the raiding Locust. Then, they reach the cellar door and into broad daylight. There, a Raven flies in and there's another person standing in it. It was Dani Dangremond, the missing informer of the [[C.O.G.]] Army. It looks like she returned to help the Gamma Squad destroy the Locust. Then, the chopper leaves and the lab self-destructs, along with all of the Locust inside it.

===Act 3 Chapters===

Chapter 1 : Odyssey

Chapter 2 : Down the Hatch

Chapter 3 : Garbage is a Young Man's Treasure

Chapter 4 : Pit of Spikes

Chapter 5 : Stairway to Heaven

==Act 4 : The Long Way to Hell==

Since the Lightmass Core data was retrieved, it was time to walk down the long tunnel of the Locust. 60 miles from the Jacinto Plateau, there was a large sinkhole on an island that still contains its large tunnel. '''-Chapter 1-''' Gamma Squad is now escorted to the sinkhole and are required to travel all the way down there and find a place to plant the Lightmass Core...if they find it. So far, the road is clear and there are no Locust in it, but there are still obstacles and a couple Wretches...ok, perhaps a lot, but that's not a problem. There are pillars, rocks, and stones blocking the path and they'll have to find their way around it. While they are trying to find a way, they have a conversation about what happened during the events of the first Gears of War. '''-Chapter 2-''' After the long way through the Locust tunnel, they reach a large room where there are broken objects everywhere. Then, a whole large group of Locust come in, along with [[Boomers]], a [[Kantus]], over 50 [[Drones]], and 3 Kraalus soldiers. After a while, Gamma Squad can't hold them back for there are more Locust coming in. Luckily, another group of soldiers jump in. They finish the rest of the Locust and face Gamma Squad. Gamma Squad finally realizes that the soldiers that saved them were the ones from Echo Squad. Now, there are 11 soldiers on the team. '''-Chapter 3-''' Now that the team has settled and joined forces, they continued on through the Locust tunnel. They encounter Locust on the way, but they cut through their lines easily. Then, there are 3 paths in the road. Andrew, Alex, Bryant, and Thomas go one way, Amanda, Aaron, Justin, and Matthew go another way, and Alex, Michael, and Jaron go the other way. Along the way, there are barrels full of [[Imulsion]]. In order to move certain obstacles in their way, they either have to knock or shoot the barrels along with the Locust. '''-Chapter 4-''' Once the team meets up again, they have to split up again. Now this is where the fun part begins. Andrew, Amanda, and Matthew head one way, while the others head another way. There are [[snipers]] hidden along the way, so its up to Andrew, Amanda, and Matthew to cover the rest of the team. After a long while, the snipers are taken out and the team moves on. '''-Chapter 5-''' Once the team regroups, they're nearly at the end of the tunnel. However, when things were about to get good, they got even worse. A Manticus pierces the tunnel walls and confronts the team. Andrew, Bryant, and Justin all head for battle while the others find another way around. Due to the Manticus' high height and weight, it can barely fit through the tunnel, so it can barely move. However, they couldn't find its weak point. That's where another soldier comes in. He shoots the underbelly and it reels backwards. Andrew finally realizes that its Aaron Slone, the soldier who had gone missing. The 4 soldiers eventually push it back enough so its on a cracked floor. Then, after throwing a grenade, the floor collapses and the Manticus falls in it. It attempts to shoot a rocket at the team, but it goes way off and hits the wall next to them. That blocks their chance of reaching the others. '''-Chapter 6-''' So, the four soldiers head another direction and on the roads floating in Imulsion. Eventually, they reach the other members and regroup. After that, they all notice a large group of Locust in another room. There is a [[Brumak]], a [[Corpser]], 2 Kantuses, 100 Drones, and 5 Kraaluses. Luckily, there are mounted Tri-Troika Turrets in front of them when they reach the gate, so they mount them and take out every Locust there is, except for the Brumak. When you injured it enough, it will start to shoot its machine gun randomly. Everyone else takes cover while the Brumak shoots the ceiling. Suddenly, the ceiling caves in while killing the Brumak and making a good passageway to the next part of the Locust tunnel.

===Act 4 Chapters===

Chapter 1 : Incinerated Road

Chapter 2 : Hellfire Torture

Chapter 3 : A Score to Settle

Chapter 4 : It's Quiet...Too Quiet...

Chapter 5 : Furious Giant

Chapter 6 : Easier Said Than Done

==Act 5 : Into the Hornet's Nest==

After entering the newly formed passageway, the walls behind Gamma Squad collapse. '''-Chapter 1-''' Once they enter, Locust are informed about their intrusion and will attempt to take them down. Although Gamma Squad has Echo Squad and the other C.O.G. soldiers on their side, things will still be tough from now on. There are many Locust along the way, and sooner of later, Gamma Squad and Echo Squad will have to split up. They each find a way to the other side of the tunnel and meet up again. That's when things get quiet. '''-Chapter 2-'''The tunnel gets darker and Creepers lurk in the shadows. Gamma and Echo Squad splits up once again to make things easier to navigate. The only way past the Creepers are to either sneak past them without making a single sound, or use the Flechette Rifle which has high firepower and a low firing sound. If Gamma Squad fails to hit a target during this tactic, they will be spotted and will be chased until taken down. It takes a while, but the team is patient and eventually get past the obstacle. Then, you'll come across a maze. '''-Chapter 3-''' The maze is large and only has one exit. So, Andrew and Aaron on Gamma Squad go one way while others partner up and go the other ways. Luckily, Andrew finds the exit without any enemy encounters and informs his teammates. But that's when Aaron decides to take a different path. He says that he needed to find Jenna Czech, his girlfriend who has been captured. So, while the others are trying to find their through the maze, Aaron and Andrew go into a different path and search for her. They go through a different route and into the prison blocks. They sneak into the prison area where the prisoners are being held. That's when they start to search for Jenna. There were these small cylinders which held torture machines in them. That is, until they found the one with Jenna's name on it. Aaron presses the buttons in order to open the door. -Cutscene Begins- (This is pretty sad. Read if you want, but don't sob to death please) “I can’t believe it Andrew…we finally found her!” says Aaron. The door opened and there speared a skinny figure. “Jenna,” says Aaron. She started to walk out of the chamber. “Jenna!” Aaron walked towards her and hugged her. She kneeled down to the floor and was breathing pretty hard. “I love you,” whispers Aaron. “Aaron,” says Andrew. He looked at him and looked back and Jenna. Suddenly, Jenna’s face changed. It was now a hideous face of sorrow and torture with cut blonde hair and veins popping out of her skin. Aaron gasps. The regular Jenna was just a mirage! He put his hand on her cheek. “Oh no…no,” says Aaron. “No, no, no, no…” Jenna moans. “No baby, no, no, no, no..! What did they do to you?...Ah!” Andrew walks towards him. “I’m so sorry…I’m so sorry, Jenna…" says Aaron. "I tried to find you! God I, I did!..” Aaron bends his head down and looks at her again. “Ah, please! No! Jenna…” Jenna groans. “God damn it it’s me Aaron! It’s Aaron!” Andrew puts his hand on his shoulder. He turns towards him. “Andrew…I…I don’t know what to do! I don’t know what to do man! She…” He interrupts him. “Aaron…it’s okay.” Then, he turns and walks away slowly. Aaron turns back towards Jenna. “I’m so sorry.” He puts his hands around her head and he leans his forehead to hers. “I’m so sorry, Jenna.” He lets go. “I love you so much.” He pulls out a Mac Pistol and aimed it towards her neck. He was resisting. “No…no…no I’m sorry Jenna…I love you…” Andrew was walking towards a fallen Locust drone until he hears a gunshot. He stops. He turns a bit…then he resumes walking. Aaron catches up with Andrew who was kneeling next to a Locust drone. He spoke. “I’m sorry about Jenna…but she’s in a better place now. You did what you had to do.” He stands up. “I found a way to sneak into the Locust Palace…but if you want to go in guns blazing, I don’t blame you.” Aaron looks straight ahead. “I want to kill them all.” Then, he runs up ahead with Andrew behind him. -End of Cutscene- They run back towards the maze and head towards the exit. The rest of the team was still in the maze. However, when they catch their path, they notice different tracks. They then tell Andrew about the tracks and he says that these tracks are Creeper tracks. They then surround Andrew and Aaron. Fortunately, Andrew and Aaron take down the Creepers and go on to the next chamber. They find a large door at the end of the chamber, but it wouldn't open. Then, the doorway behind them starts to collapse. '''-Chapter 4-''' It seems that the Creepers were the scouts of another larger group of Locust. That's when all these Locust appear. So, Andrew and Aaron have to hold down the fort until the rest of Gamma and Echo Squad arrives. After a while, they do arrive, but there are still more Locust arriving. They can't hold back much longer. However, that's when things start getting interesting. One side of the surrounding walls collapse and then comes a giant tank. It was the Rhino, a newly formed tank since the Centaur Tank. After the Locust has been destroyed, the team heads towards the tank. It turns out that the tank was being operated by Allison Bod. It looked like she survived the explosion from the [[Resonator]] deployed a few months ago. Also, she got through the Locust tunnels by using a [[Grindlift]]. '''-Chapter 5-''' After reuniting with Allison, the team moves on through the Locust tunnel. The team eventually comes onto a large area full of Locust. So, the team splits up. Andrew, Michael, and Aaron Slone go one way, Bryant, Justin, and Thomas go another, Amanda, Alex, and Allison go another, and Aaron Bui, Matthew, and Jaron go another way. That's when the action begins. All types of Locusts are there including [[Drones]], [[Theron Guards]], Palace Guards, [[Wretches]], . But, the team still had the Rhino. That's when things started getting heated up. The Locusts fell one by one, but there were still too many. This is when the ceiling falls. A giant hole appears and then [[C.O.G.]] soldiers arrive. It looks like they used a few Grindlifts in order to make an entrance in the ground. The famous [[Alpha Squad]], [[Beta Squad]], [[Charlie Squad]], [[Delta Squad]], [[Omega Squad]], [[Theta Squad]], [[Victor Squad]], and [[Zeta Squad]] appeared in order to help out their two fellow squads. So, with reinforcements, the battle became easier. However, just when things were about done, an assault of a dozen [[Boomers]] appear. The team shoots at them while trying to avoid getting blown up or cut up. When they are taken care of, the team and the rest of the soldiers move in through the final chambers of the Locust Palace.

===Act 5 Chapters===

Chapter 1 : Intruder Alert

Chapter 2 : Silent

Chapter 3 : Exploration

Chapter 4 : Holding Back

Chapter 5 : Brutal Combat

==Act 6 : At War's End== It was time to end this war. '''-Chapter 1-''' Gamma and Echo Squad finally reaches the tip of the iceberg. They enter the Locust Palace and find Locust everywhere. It was going to be tough entering the Palace without dying. The Locust were staring at the team with their eyes. It was 1000 to 100. They have a home field advantage and they are large in numbers. The door behind the Locust then opens. A large figure larger than [[General RAAM]] himself. It was a Locust General. He says some whisper-like words to the [[Locust]] and points to us. It sounded like this, "Humans. Serve me...or DIE!" The Locust loaded their weapons. Gamma Squad sighs. Can they do this? How can they? There are Locust on the ground, up on the cliffs, even at the Throne door. That's when the ceiling collapses. Huge chunks of rock fall down killing numerous amounts of Locust on the ground. Then, helicopters come in. It was the Queen Ravens. These were higher versions of the King Ravens, but much stronger. The Locust start shooting, but that doesn't do anything to the choppers. The Ravens shoot back with their turrets and rockets. That's when the action begins. The team moves out and starts to shoot at the Locust. The Locust Queen retreats back to her Throne Room and the rest of the Locust protected the door. The Locust are soon wiped out by the [[C.O.G.]] soldiers and Gamma and Echo Squad moves on towards the Throne Room while the rest of the soldiers stayed behind. However, when they opened the door, it led to the Throne Room, but there were Locust there instead of the Queen. '''-Chapter 2-''' Dozens of Palace Guards, [[Boomers]], and Kantuses. Rockworms appear and the battle starts once again. The Locust are tougher than usual, but the team pulls through. That's when the wall crumbles beside them. There was a [[Berserker]] wait...there were 5 Berserkers! Gamma Squad and Echo Squad take cover. For now, Amanda and Alex both used a tactic that has never been used before. They went out to the Berserkers and made some shooting sounds with their guns. The Berserkers noticed it and ran towards them. However, they were actually running towards each other. Two of them start to wave their arms, but they mauled each other to death. Now there were 3 left. Amanda and Alex regrouped with the group. Then, Bryant and Justin threw [[Imulsion]] Grenades towards the other 2 Berserkers and their skin turned red. The team started shooting at them and they went down. Now there was only one more left. Every member of the team went forward instead of Andrew. They shot at the Berserker to confuse it until there's a plan to kill it. Then, that's where a Locust soldier from behind the throne chair sneaks up on Andrew. He has the [[Chainsaw Bayonet]] on him and he's about to cut him up. Andrew turns and is paralyzed. The soldier was about to cut him up, but a laser shoots him in the chest. The Locust soldier goes flying back and drops the Chainsaw. Then, another soldier runs up to Andrew. This time, it's Andrew who brings out the deadly Skull Drill and pokes holes in the soldier. Then, he turns back towards the Berserker. Another beam flew out of the air and struck the Berserker and she fell dead on the ground. Everyone stands up and looks around. That's when another person appears next to the throne chair. They take a closer look and see who the figure is. Andrew kneels to the floor and realizes who this person was. It was Matthew Yim, the legendary soldier who has gone missing ever since the incident with General RAAM. Matt introduces himself to the others and tells them about why he didn't come back. He didn't want to because he didn't want to go on another mission with orders in his head. He'd rather do it without any instructions. Then, it is revealed that he holds the [[Lightmass]] Core. The team wonders why though. They have the blueprints for it, but why did Matt have the object. He says that he went to the lab a few weeks ago to take it so the Locust couldn't retrieve it and use it on the humans. So, he kept in safe from the hands of the Locust and is ready to be deployed. He also says that he holds the Flare Cannon, the secret military weapon invented by Michael Kurtzke. It looks like he got it from his lab too. You could say that it's a portable [[Hammer of Dawn]]. Then, they finally move on, towards the final battle. '''-Chapter 3-''' The team discovers a door behind the throne chair and enter it. They enter a room........full of Locust. There were every type of Locust there, except Berserkers. That included Corpsers and Brumaks. The Queen and the General was on the opposite side of the room. It was the teams goal to reach the other side. They were totally outnumbered this time. Suddenly, the wall behind them crumbles. The C.O.G. soldiers approach with the Rhinos and the Queen Ravens. It was the final assault. Then, gunshots fired out. Gamma and Echo Squad made their way to the opposite side of the room and shot down a whole lot of Locust along the way. After a while of shooting and killing, they reach the Queen. However, the General and the Queen retreats back to another room. The rest of the team agreed to stay behind while Andrew, Amanda, Alex, and Matt Yim followed the Queen. They enter a chamber with the Queen in it. Unfortunately, she wasn't alone. A Boomer fires its [[Boomshot]] and destroys the wall behind Gamma Squad. Then, 2 Kraaluses, 2 Palace Guards, and the Locust General appear with the Queen watching far behind them. -Cutscene Begins- The Queen stands from her throne and walks down the steps. "So," she says. "The C.O.G. Army has finally sent their best option, 2 young boys, 1 girl, and who is this? Aren't you Matthew Yim?" Matt nods. "Hell yeah," he said. "I survived that attack from RAAM. He didn't have what it took to bring me down." "What a shame," says the Queen. "However, if you all think you can take us down, you are mistaken. You see, we rule in sheer numbers while your species hold a limited amount of human beings. You can't possibly win against us." "Hell we can!" says Alex. "We used the Lightmass Bomb to destroy the [[Kryll]] breeding nest, we sunk Jacinto, but rebuilt it again, so what can't we do to destroy you all?" "You are an arrogant boy," says the Queen. "You're not even supposed to be here. I don't know how the Locust let you live, but I don't think they have their reasons." "Don't act smart!" says Amanda. "We defeated you on a few occasions, but that doesn't mean that we'll still lose!" "Really?" she asks. "Well, I guess we already know who the victor of this war is then anyway." "Yeah, and that's us!" says Andrew. "We'll take this whole Palace and the tunnels leading to it out. Even if it means destroying ourselves!" "So, you're on a suicide mission then. I can't believe I'm standing in front of the baby brother of Matthew Yim. What can you little kids do?" "A lot!" we all answered. The Queen sighed. "I remember the time I met [[Marcus Fenix]] and his team members. They were acknowledged to sink Jacinto and flood the Hollow. I underestimated them, but they actually did it. I was surprised. But you, you kids. You all got guts. I like that. You kids are like little adventurers. Always trying to save the world even though you can't. But, unfortunately, I'm going to have to end those adventuring days. Tamburge, annihilate them!" The General wielded a Tri-Troika Heavy Machine Gun and starts to fire while the Queen turned and walked away. Eventually, after a long brutal battle, the Palace Guards, the Boomer, and the Kraaluses were killed. The General and the Queen was all that was left in the chamber. '''-Chapter 4-''' Suddenly, the wall breaks down. A Bull Reaver and a Rhino Reaver appears and roars. Gamma Squad cover their ears while the General and the Queen mounts the [[Reaver]]s. As soon as the Reavers takes off, a Queen Raven is spotted. It looked like the Bull Reaver took it down before it arrived. Matt got in it and activated its controls. Okay, so the Bull Reaver merely knocked it down while killing the pilot. Andrew gets in and mounts the Tri-Troika Turret. Amanda and Alex stay behind due to the the incoming Locust from the entrance from which they came. The Queen Raven takes off and Matt chases after the Reavers. When they caught up with them, the General was behind the Queen and was firing back with his Tri-Troika Turret. If you're playing as Matt, you control where to go in the Raven, while the player controlling Andrew gets to use the Chains Guns and rocket launchers attached to the front of the Raven. After a while of damaging the Rhino Reaver, it rears backwards and falls to the ground. It flips and due to the weight of the Rhino Reaver, it crushes the General underneath its weight. Now it was the Queen's turn. When Andrew and Matt become parallel to the Bull Reaver and the Queen, Andrew starts to shoot the turret at the Queen. The Queen still shoots back with her own Troika, but soon, after damaging the Queen, she shoots the turret Andrew was using and falls off. The weapon that Andrew used was gone. But that's when Matt turned from the pilot seat. (In co-op, the second player playing beside Andrew gets to control the Queen Raven and where it can go.) Matt throws the Flare Cannon at Andrew. He catches it and thanks Matt. That's when he starts shooting at the Bull Reaver this time. If Andrew could defeat the Bull Reaver, then he could make it rear and kill the Locust Queen while at it. And this time, the Queen is using the mounted cannon attached to the Bull Reaver's back to do some damage. The Queen flies behind the Queen Raven and Andrew has to shoot the Bull Reaver while avoiding the pummeling bullets of the cannon. Also, he has a time limit. He has about 20 minutes to kill the Bull Reaver before the Queen Raven goes down (18 minutes on Normal, 16 minutes on Hardcore, 12 minutes on Insane, and 8 minutes on Psychotic). After a long time of dodging, shooting, and covering, the Bull Reaver couldn't hold back any longer. The Bull Reaver roars and reels to the side. The Queen tries to tame it, but now it heads towards a rocky structure...

Chapter 1 : No Turning Back

Chapter 2 : Here We Go

Chapter 3 : All-Out Assault

Chapter 4 : One for All & All for Nothing

=Ending= Due to the effects of seeing the ending after a game is beaten no matter what mode you play in (except for 100% games), I decided to add a little suspense. Although similar to the game Halo 3 and its endings due to what mode you play it in, this game has its own endings too. Here they are.


After the Bull Reaver receives enough damage, it rears and heads towards a rocky structure. It crashes and the rocks fall onto it killing the Bull Reaver. Matt and Andrew both head back towards the Locust Palace Throne Room and head towards the rest of the team who are killing the rest of the Locust in the area. However, one of the Locust Boomers shot his Boomshot and destroyed the Queen Raven behind Andrew and Matt. Then, Andrew takes him out with his Flare Cannon. After that, they confirm that the Locust were killed and suggests that Andrew plants the Lightmass Core immediately before reinforcements come. Matt orders the Queen Ravens to arrive. "Control, target area is secure and we have a clear path for the Ravens!" Dani from control responds back, "Copy that! Queen Ravens are en route and approaching your position! Control out!" Andrew pulls the lever down and stands up. Then, the two teams turn and run out the tunnels. As they run, Andrew gets his radio and says, "Let's get out of here now! All C.O.G. units evac to the surface!" And soon, they were running through the tunnels and into broad daylight...


As the Queen Ravens approach, Gamma, Echo, and the rest of the team run out of the tunnels. The tunnels begin to collapse behind them as they board the Ravens. "Locust!" yells Matt. Andrew and Matt stay back for a minute and took out the Locust. They start to take off and there are explosions being heard in the tunnels. "Come on!" says Andrew. "Let's go let's go!" "Go without me!" yells Matt. That's when Andrew runs after the Ravens. A cliff comes by, but the team already jumped on. Then, Andrew jumps and grabs the ledge. He throws the Flare Cannon and Amanda catches it. Soon, after the Ravens were far away, the tunnels along with Locust Palace explode. The tunnels fall through the earth while the sea water floods the empty caverns. The explosions reach the Ravens and they shake a bit. Andrew loses one hand grip. "Hold on!" yells Alex. He grabs his hand and the rest of Gamma Squad help him up. The team hangs on while they fly away. Andrew stands up and thanks the team. Then, he takes out a radio and says, "Matt! Matt do you read me? Matt are you there?!" Aaron takes out a photo of him and Jenna and reads the note on the back. "I'm sorry about what happened. I'm doing this for our own good. But you know that I'll always love you. Love, Jenna." Aaron faces out towards the sunset. Aaron sighs and walks up towards Andrew. "Matt, come on!" yells Andrew on his radio. "Matt can you hear me! Matt..." Aaron puts his hand on Andrew's shoulder. "I'm sorry Andrew." Andrew puts away the radio and sighs. Then, that's when another sound came from behind the Ravens. Andrew turns and looks the window. "Reavers?!" asks Amanda. Andrew gasps and then, out of the smoke, appears another Queen Raven. It caught up with the rest of the team and Andrew took a close look at the helicopter. He then notices that Matt was piloting the Queen Raven. He waves at Andrew and he nods back. It looks like there was a spare Queen Raven around where Matt was when he was fighting the Locust. Then, Andrew walks up to the pilot and sits beside him. "Thanks for the pick-up," he says. "No problem," says the pilot. However, Andrew realizes that it wasn't a man who spoke. The pilot takes his...or should I say, her helmet off and underneath it was Dani. Andrew is quite surprised. It looks like Dani took flying lessons when she was in the C.O.G. Army. They both smile and the whole team flies back to the newly built Jacinto while also leaving the crumbled remnants of the Locust tunnels behind...


The Queen Ravens land in the Jacinto Square where everyone is cheering and clapping. Gamma, Echo, and the rest of the team jumps out of the Ravens and wave to the crowd. Kyle Hoffman welcomes them back along with Matt. <Scene Change> Hoffman is finishing up his speech about how to rebuild Sera and giving thanks to the team. Then, Matt goes up. He introduces his speech and speaks.

"Citizens of, I mean Sera, I thank you for being here today. We couldn't have done it without your support. Throughout this war, many casualties have been made and many victories were given, but still, no one can forget those who gave their lives to protect this world. As you all know, Gamma and Echo Squads were the ones who deployed the Lightmass Core in the Locust tunnels. If it weren't for them, we'd still be in this war. So, I like to give thanks especially to the team. Especially Amanda, Alex, and Andrew. They're the only family I have right now. They showed me what it was like to be in a group and work together with the team. I thank them all and all of you citizens of Sera. And I guarantee you, we will rebuild this world into a better place. Thank you."

The crowd cheers while Matt walks away from the microphone. He heads towards the team and thanks them all. "I couldn't have done it without you guys," he says. "And we couldn't have done it without you either," says Andrew. Then, they shake hands.


It has been a month since the Lightmass Core was detonated. Andrew is in his new home and is looking out his large window. He receives a phone call and answers it. He says a couple of things and hangs up. He walks to his closet and opens it. In it, he finds hangers full of tuxedos. He grabs one...and pushes it aside. Behind them were the Gears. He grabbed them from the hanger and puts them on. After that, he grabs his Flare Cannon and the camera zooms into his eyes. -Scene Change- Fire appears in his eyes and the camera zooms out to show a city in flames. Then, the rest of Gamma, Echo, and the missing players arrive. "What now?" asks Matt. "It looks like we've got a job to do," says Andrew. "Prime Squad...engage!" Then, they jump into battle...


As the soldiers jump into the battle, a female voice sounds out, "You have destroyed our stronghold. I congratulate you, however, your journey doesn't end here. There are more battles to come and you have to be prepared. The war that you fought is now over, but the war you fight now has just begun. Heroes are spoken of, legends tell tales of old, but legacies never die. And sometimes, most of those legacies are not what they are intended to be..."

'''One Chance'''

A static video of a person's face appears. "krrrggghhh...This is....Niles....Samson....of the New Hope...krrgghh..Research Facility...........Is anyone...out there.........Can anyone........hear me......This is all of you...............................................................The end is near..........<beep>


'''Theme Song'''-Never Turn Back by Crush 40


Complete Act 1 on (Casual 15 G, Normal 25 G, Hardcore 35 G, Insane 60 G, Psychotic 85 G, and One Chance 100 G)

Complete Act 2 on (Casual 15 G, Normal 25 G, Hardcore 35 G, Insane 60 G, Psychotic 85 G, and One Chance 100 G)

Complete Act 3 on (Casual 15 G, Normal 25 G, Hardcore 35 G, Insane 60 G, Psychotic 85 G, and One Chance 100 G)

Complete Act 4 on (Casual 15 G, Normal 25 G, Hardcore 35 G, Insane 60 G, Psychotic 85 G, and One Chance 100 G)

Complete Act 5 on (Casual 15 G, Normal 25 G, Hardcore 35 G, Insane 60 G, Psychotic 85 G, and One Chance 100 G)

Complete Act 6 on (Casual 15 G, Normal 25 G, Hardcore 35 G, Insane 60 G, Psychotic 85 G, and One Chance 100 G)

Double Reunion - When you see Bryant and Justin (50 G)

Runaway Comeback - When you see Dani (50 G)

Return of the Soldier - When you see Aaron (50 G)

Thar She Blows - When you see Allison(50 G)

Long-Lost & Found - When you see Matt (50 G)

I Can't Hear Them - When you see Echo Squad (50 G)

Soldier - Complete all Acts on Casual (90 G)

Mercenary - Complete all Acts on Normal (150 G)

Commando - Complete all Acts on Hardcore (210 G)

Lieutenant - Complete all Acts on Insane (360 G)

Colonel - Complete all Acts on Psychotic (510 G)

Sergeant - Complete all Acts on One Chance (600 G)

Evacuation Complete - Evacuate all citizens in Act 1 (25 G)

Land of the Free - Free the Prisoners of Jacinto (25 G if 9-10 survive, 20 G if 7-8, 15 G if 5-6, 10 G if 3-4, & 5 G if 1-2)

Priest Say What - Kill 5 Kraaluses (50 G)

Overseasick - Make it across the sea in the Odyssey (15 G)

The Floor is Falling - Defeat the Manticus (100 G)

Knock her Off her Throne - Defeat the Locust Queen (250 G)

Perfection Counts - Get 20 Perfect Reloads (50 G)

Weapon Master - Get a headshot with each weapon (100 G)

Holey Sealer - Close up to 20 Emergence Holes (100 G)

Paper Boy - Find 5 out of 20 Journal Entries (20 G)

Reporter - Find 10 out of 20 Journal Entries (30 G)

Journalist - Find 15 out of 20 Journal Entries (40 G)

Investigator - Find all of the Journal Entries (50 G)

Always Remember - Find 10 C.O.G. Tags (25 G)

For Those Who Served - Find 20 G.O.G. Tags (50 G)

Avenge the Dead - Find all 30 C.O.G. Tags (75 G)