Gears of War: Tides turn is the follow on to Gears of War:Nexus and Lambent. It is not realy in the game but takes place while the Humans begin their assault on the Nexus.

Prolouge Edit

Lambent Corpser began a rain of destruction on the outer walls. Ripping apart Drones, swallowing Wretches and slicing through Boomers. The tides were turning for the Lambent and the Locust knew they were losing.

Story Edit

Locust Snipers started to load their weapons. Aiming the rifle, the Locusts stared at the Corpsers. All of them fired but to no effect. It spotted them and destroyed the balcony, killing all of them. Reavers began to realise their Lambent counterparts had gained the upper hand now that the corpsers could whack them out of the air.  Meanwhile, in the Queen's room, a few Drones past and started to plead. "Help, your majesty. They pollute the skies, conquer the ground and obliterate the walls." Feeling as though she would die soon she replied,

"Do not be afraid. You will get your help. It just takes time."

The Drones left in a hurry, Lancers at the ready. "Skorge. Come in here." Suddenly, Skorge stood before the Queen. "Get on your Hydra, and destroy this major infection before an outbreak into the city errupts!" Skorge nodded and walked away. The battle raged on for hours, the Lambent destroying all of the Locust protecting the walls. A berserker charged towards the Lambent Boomers and ripped them all to shreds. Turning around, the reavers found Skorge on his Hydra flying towards them. He was Holding two Wretches on his beast of a hundred tentacles. As he flew above a corpser, the wretches lept from the Hydra onto it's back. The battle continued on, the Lambent Reavers one by one being destroyed.

Five minutes later, a booming screech echoed over the battlefield, it was the Lambent Corpser, being killed by the Wretches mauling it's back. It fell to the ground, causing it to shake. Rinse and Repeat was used to destroy the other Corpsers.

"Skorge. Return to the throne room. Clear up these bodies, I don't want anybody to know that we were weakened by the battle," the Locust Queen ordered.

The battle had ended, but Lambent remained in the walls, waiting, waiting for the time to Strike. Soon, Marcus and Dom came into the city. The place still looked like a battlefield. "Dom, lets get to work."

Soon Edit

The final chapter of this story, Gears of War: The Hate Triangle

A new story about the Locust being wiped out and the Lambent start a war with the humans.