Gears of War Recon

“My name is Jonathon Davis I’m a COG and if anyone finds this the message I’m either being tortured, still fighting, or dead… Tell my family I love them, and just tell Captain Anders I said I’m sorry…” A recording said.

“Huh weird, Dom should we search for this guy? Marcus asked.

“Yea Marcus I think we should…” Dom said.

“Fine, lets rock!” Marcus said.

“Huh? Hey Marcus look Locust!” Dom said.


“WWAAIITT! HHUUMMAANNSS!” A locust yelled.

“Let’s get out of here there’s too many of them!” Dom said.

Marcus then gets a sniper out.


“Boom!” Marcus said to himself. Then,


“HA HA!” Marcus yelled.

Marcus then rushes one locust.


You hear a COG yell.


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“What the hell, he’s just a teenager…” Dom said.

“Alright locust, eat this!” He yelled.


“Dang! That kid is good!” Dom said.

“YO!” Marcus yelled.

“Who are you two? And why are you here?” He says angrily.

“I’m Marcus Fenix!” Marcus said.

“I’m Dominic Santiago, but just call me Dom!” Dom said.

“We came to get you!” Marcus said.

“You’re not taking me I’m doing fine on my own!” He said.

“Well who are you?” Dom said.

“I’m assistant captain Jonathon Davis! Under Captain Anders… Well I was... At least…”Jonathon said.

“Well Jonathon if you’re not coming were going to take you by force!” Dom said.

“NO YOU’RE NOT!” Jonathon yelled, then Jonathon ran thought a broken door.


“Dom let’s move!” Marcus said.

As Marcus and Dom run a fire starts.


“That’s one smart kid!” Dom said.

“Looks like the kid going to……….DIE!” Marcus said.

As Jonathon runs to escape…


“NNNOOO! A Kantus!” Jonathon yells.

As Jonathon runs he bumps into Marcus and Dom.

“Come on kid were not going to hurt you!” Dom said.

“Bite me you bastards get away from me!” Jonathon yelled.

They grab Jonathon and run…

After that they left the Facility a king raven came and picked them up…