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Imulsion extract is a refined concentrate of natural imulsion that is principally responsible for the efficient generation of energy from imulsion through the Lightmass Process. Because purified imulsion extract, on a per unit basis, is far more efficient at energy generation than crude, unprocessed imulsion, the purification and distillation of imulsion extract has become highly exploited by many corporate and governmental groups attempting to harness imulsion as a practical fuel source.

However, it was in 2531 that DeMarshall et. al at the Bastion Public Health Service identified that imulsion extract is a potent mutagen and health risk to the adult human, raising extraordinary concerns to exposing human workers to high concentrations of imulsion extract and vitally threatening the imulsion industry.[1] Numerous subsequent reports, including seminal reports by Davis et. al[2] and Murchie et. al[3], have identified numerous naturally-occurring small-molecules in imulsion extract that are responsible for its potent mutagenic effects.

Identified mutagensEdit

The following is an incomplete list of small-molecules in imulsion extract that are believed to mediate its cytotoxic and mutagenic properties, at least in part:


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