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Liam Matheson
Date of Birth 4 AE
Date of Death Still alive.
Date of Death He doesn't know it.
Gender Male
Height 4'8"
Weight 98 lbs
Race Human
Occupation Kid
Marital Status Single
Relative[s] *The Matheson family (Deceased)
Status Active

"Grown-ups never understand anything for themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them."
— Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Liam Matheson is a ten-year-old Stranded with thin, fluffy brown hair; brown eyes; and tan skin. He resides in Big Town with a number of other Stranded and depends on Nell Rourke to take care of him. He is a friendly, outspoken child.


Liam was born the fourth of four children to Howie and Angela Matheson. Despite being born during a time of war, Liam was a happy child; he spent most of his childhood in Ephyra around the gears guarding it, and never knew there was a time they did not patrol the streets. He idolized his closest brother, Art, who liked to play with him, and saw Bill Underbrook as "Uncle Bill". Charlotte Edwards was a friend of his parents and someone he was vaguely aware of spending time with on occasion.

Unfortunately, after the oldest Matheson child, Oliver, was killed by a Locust ambush, Bill and the Mathesons decided to leave Ephyra. They bade their goodbyes to Lottie and traveled, eventually reaching Pithodi. There, they met Gabriel Sheridan and Aidan Foley, who offered them a home in Big Town.

Everything was fine until Angela got pregnant again. She had a complete emotional breakdown and hanged herself with a leather belt because "she didn't want to bring any more children into (the) world". After that, Art ran away, and Howie vanished mentally and emotionally. Unsure of what to do, Liam contented himself with permanently staying at his laconic father's side. It was not until three weeks later that Nell Rourke managed to coax him out of Howie's room, and another month before he stopped going back in altogether.

Liam relies on Nell and views her as his mother, though he never refers to her as such.


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  • Liam was taught about grenades by Aidan, but after he almost blew himself up, Nell forbade him from handling weapons again.
  • Liam's theme song is "The Tide" by The Spill Canvas.