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Gears of War Fanon (Gears Fanon for short) is a small community of fanficcers and roleplayers that aims to have fun expanding the universe of the Gears of War series. We abide by a few simple courtesy policies and allow NCF so long as it is disclaimed. Currently, we host 710 fanon articles.

Unlike other wikis, Gears Fanon discourages editing preexisting content apart from roleplays and community projects. Instead, we ask that you contribute new content of your own. This can seem like a daunting task, but scroll down for some help and ideas!

If you have any questions about the wiki, you can ask one of the administrators or visit the FAQ.

We hope you have fun and help our community grow!


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Be sure to visit Gearspedia, our sister site and the other Gears wiki. It is an excellent resource for all things canon in the Gears of War universe.


9th April 2014
A new roleplay has started on Gears Fanon. Be sure to sign up and join the fight here!
25 September 2013
Anonymous ONI agent has gained adminship via an adoption request, and will commence a site-wide cleanup effort in order to bring all content back in line with previously established site policy. A blog will be made shortly in regards to this matter.
12 February 2011
After 15 months of dwindling activity, Gears Fanon is initiating Operation: RENOVATION! Rozh, along with any willing helpers, will not only be revamping the skin to cope with Oasis, but he will also be reviving the site as a whole!
19 September 2009
The site now accepts two alternate canons. Please see Gears of War Fanon:About for these changes.
12 September 2009
Please suggest and vote for articles for our Fanon of the Month, Quote of the Month, and Image of the Month, because otherwise the admins will have to start picking them, and that's not fun. FOTM, QOTM, and IOTM are currently suspended. If you are interested in reviving these, let us know!
6 September 2009
Site reorganization completed. Please re-save your articles to make sure the templates and categories are responding properly.