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40 years prior to E-Day=

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Lieutenant Nathan Anderson was a Gear during the latter part of the Pendulum Wars.


Lieutenant Anderson is perhaps a grim-looking Gear, with brown hair and eyes of a matching color. He weighs close to two hundred pounds of sheer muscle, and certainly looks it. By the time of the sinking of Jacinto, Nathan managed to remain in remarkable shape for a man his age--despite being his age. He wears standard Gear armor sans helmet; Nathan believes that the things only deter his performance in combat and as such, he keeps his clipped to his belt. His brown hair is almost fuzz, just thick enough to protect his scalp from the sun's rays. A large gash across his cheek parallels a similar one just below it, the result of a frag grenade that went off a bit too close when Nathan decided not to wear his helmet.


Nathan Anderson was born forty years prior to E-Day, in the middle of the Pendulum Wars. He was always afraid as a child that the Union of Independent Republics, or UIR, would come bursting through his door and decide to shoot him--a view that was passed down by his parents. At age ten, Nathan's fears came true. Both his parents were killed, but by some virtue of luck and an ability to hide well kept him alive. It was right then that he decided to join the Gears, to prevent anyone else from being killed. To exact his revenge.

Eight years of hard living later, Nathan joined the ranks of the Gears. He was issued a Lancer, snub pistol, and a Longshot sniper rifle; his marksmanship scores were, after all, rather high for a fresh recruit. Over the course of the next few years, Nathan decided that he loved the Longshot; he also decided the helmet was a stupid idea to help get him killed. Of course, not long after he took off his helmet for the last time barring a few sporadic uses, a fragmentation grenade almost ripped his face off.