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No, get back here! You get back here and you finish the job! -Nate on a running Locust

Nate is a soldier in the COG Army. His name is known throughout the whole Locust Army for being a cold blooded killer, but his comrades say he's actually a nice guy.

Private Yor
Nathan Snowa
Biographical Information
Date of Birth

Ilima City, 7 years before E-Day

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Basic InfoEdit

  • He carries a Lancer and a Boomshot.
  • His Lancer has a Golden Omen on it.
  • He has killed 4 Brumaks.


He was born and raised in Ilima City and was very patriotic about it. He was only 7 years old when the Locust invaded, and had wanted to fight them ever since. When he was 17, General RAAM invaded Ilima, and Nate was determined to defend his home. When his father (a Gear) fought alongside him, he thought he would never be defeated. But RAAM proved to be too powerful, sending in his Theron Elite to wound Nate's father with a Torque Bow. When that didn't work, RAAM decided to personally finish him off with his Kryll. Nate was outraged, and shot RAAM in the chest with a Longshot, wounding him, and then escaping in the last truck to leave Ilima.

Operation Hollow StormEdit

He didn't get to see much action until 15 Years After E-Day, when Prescott decided to send everyone into the Hollows to kill the Locust for good. When Nate heard about this, he was thrilled.

Lambent PandemicEdit