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Nell Rourke
Date of Birth 15 BE
Date of Death Still alive.
Date of Death She doesn't know it.
Gender Female
Height 5'2"
Weight 121 lbs
Race Human
Occupation Sniper/Junk Collector
Marital Status Single
Relative[s] *Field Lieutenant Brandon Rourke (Father)
Status Active

"My optimism wears heavy boots and is loud."
— Henry Rollins

Nell Rourke is a twenty-nine-year-old Stranded with dyed blue hair and an anarchy A tattooed on her inner left shoulder. She resides in Big Town with a number of other Stranded and acts as the team sniper.


Nell was born an only child in the suburban town of Vradina. Her father was drafted during the Pendulum Wars, but since his previous white-collar job had him travelling nearly all the time, things didn't change much at home. She relied on her best friend and surrogate brother Gabriel Sheridan for companionship, but was supportive when he joined the COG army.

She was visiting her uncles in Ephyra when the Locust first emerged. Worrying for her mother, she attempted to leave, but the gears refused to let anyone out of the city.

After spending five years in Ephyra as a worker in a munitions factory, she managed to sneak past the thinly stretched patrols by stowing away on a supply truck. She stole a Longshot and as much ammo as she could carry on her person. Once she was out of city lines, she hopped off the truck and walked back to Vradina. By that time the city had been raided and subsequently deserted by the Locust for its lack of strategic value. She took up residence in the old but highly defensible Town Hall, renamed the city 'Big Town' to be ironic, and has lived there ever since.

She marked passageways through Big Town with the color blue (specifically azure, the shade of her hair dye) and repainted the welcome sign using the same color. Originally intended as a signal to Gabe how to reach the center of town, blue markings have since become a symbol to all "Townies". Azure not only shows their affiliation with Big Town, but also guides them where to go when they are lost.


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  • The day after the Locust emerged, Nell bought all the blue dye in every local hair salon she could find and stockpiled it. At this point, she has a lifetime supply.
  • Nell's father taught her to shoot when she was young, but her surrogate brother Gabe helped her develop her accuracy.
  • Originally, it had been planned that Nell heard about Baird from Lottie, who met them after the events of Gears 1. This was changed during development because Screennameless didn't want any of the characters to have met any of Delta squad prior to the events of Reconnoiter.
  • Nell passed the Universal Mary-Sue Litmus Test with a final score of 18 (16-21 is considered the goal range, where a character is interesting but not Sueish).
  • Nell can't whistle.
  • Nell's theme song is "Falling Apart" by Zebrahead.