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Nick the Lambent Ticker
Biographical Information
Date of Birth


Date of Death

On a mission to the front lines.

Physical Characteristics



230 lbs

Miscellaneous Information

Blown in half in the middle of a rock quarry.


Nick the Lambent Tick was an Imulsion exposed Ticker that attempted to eat Seliin. He is important because he was the first Lambent Ticker ever to be reported. Like all other Lambent Tickers, he mutated heavily. A mouth of bone grew over his head, completely encapsultaing it, and he grew to be more than 7 feet high. He chased after Seliin and Dom Santiago when they were trapped in a cave. Other Lambents behind him, he was presumed dead when a Bolo grenade was tossed onto a ledge of frozen Imulsion. The resulting explosion rocketed Seliin and Dom to safety, but left Nick blown in half. As he climbed after them, he spewed up molten Imulsion, then died. A blood sample was taken as evidence of his existence.