Scion squad was a scouting squad used in massive operations against the locust they aren't used in minor combat, though, only in regular missions. the members(living or posthumus) are as follows:

                    Jacen Tzu Wong


years of service: 13 yrs

speciality: melee

Wong is the current leader of the squad, he wears armor that seems regular, only with no helmet and shark fin-like armor. He is 45 yrs old

                    Robert Hasley


years of service: 3.67

speciality: sniping

Bob was the group sniper of the squad before its joining with Ceasar squad. The sniper for that squad, was killed soon after, so he became top sniper again. When their centaur, the Incoperable was launched into a chasm, he didn't make it out. It's unkown if he died or not, he was the secong youngest of the squad, at 22 yrs of age.

                     Carlos Guiterrez

rank: corporal

years of service: 1

speciality: n00b

nuff said. he is still alive.

Maxwell Livingston

rank: Seargeant

Years of service: 26

Speciality: Close-Quarters combat

Being the oldest of the squad, at 49 years of age, he wears specialized armor that gives him protection in CQC, he served in the pendulum wars, obtaining several medals. He prefers to stay seargent, as he has held the rank for so long, he doesn't like change.