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Seliin (last name unknown)
Biographical Information
Date of Birth

2 years after E-Day

Date of Death

Still alive

Marital Status



Ruth (mother,deceased)

Physical Characteristics



180 lbs.




Human,foremerly Stranded

Blood Type


Miscellaneous Information



Seliin (has no last name) is a Stranded living on Jacinto Plateau. When she was young her father went off to the join the Gears and never returned. After her mother fell ill and couldnt help her find food and shelter,Seliin took up a life of crime from the age of 9 to 22. Looting the corpses of both Locust and Gears,she gathered enough food and weapons to keep her mother alive . After her death, she took time to realize that she was all alone in the world. Taking a single Hammerburst, a Gnasher shotgun, and a Snub pistol, she left to find  a better life. She met Alpha Squad in an abandoned train tunnel, but they were attacked by Wretches. 2 other COG soldiers were badly injured, and when she tried to help one blood squirted all over the place. Rojas told her to go back to her old life, and letting out tears, punched him in the face so hard his helmet cracked. She left on her own, and made her way to Jacinto Plateau, where she currently is living as a survival trainer for Gears. At Fort Gallant, she was enlisted into Delta Squad as a weapons specialist and partial medic.


The main weapons Seliin uses are the Hammerburst and the Snub pistol. She keeps a Gnasher shotgun under her bed at night, as a solitary Wretch stormed through her window one night. Also, during her time with Delta Squad in Gears of War:Everlasting Victory, she used her custom made Sabershot as a sniper rifle and as a vicious melee weapon.

Current PhobiasEdit

Seliin is terrified of Wretches, mainly because of the Alpha Incident..  Also, for some weird reason, Kryll flap around her similar to how they did to General RAAM. They do not harm her. They just flap around crazily, and occasionally land on her lovingly.


Marcus-Seliin and Marcus are friends, but she does have a small, hardly noticeable crush on him.

Dom-Seliin and Dom hate each other and constantly fight. Read one of their fights in the first chapter of the above story. They grew on each other though, so most of the fighting stopped.

Baird-Seliin and Baird are partial towards each other, and help each other in firefights like soldiers usually do.

Cole-Seliin knows Cole,not in real life, but because of all the Thrashball posters in her old neighborhood. Cole is freaked out a little becasue she never gets noticeably diry.