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The Matheson Family consisted of Howie, the father; Angela, the wife; Oliver, the oldest child; Eve, the only daughter; Art, the second youngest child; and Liam, the last surviving Matheson.


The Mathesons came from a small town, Ritheno, which was also the home of the Bill Underbrook. When the Locust attacked, Howie Matheson and his wife Angela had their third baby, Art, on the way, so Bill decided to help them get out safely. They left behind everyone else. They tried to reach the rest of Howie's family in a town called Olufti, but it had already been ransacked by the time they arrived. From there, they decided to travel to Ephyra.

Along the way, the second Matheson child, a girl named Eve, died of pneumonia. Howie and Angela were devastated but pressed on for their remaining children, Oliver and the newly born Art.

Upon reaching Ephyra, Bill and the Mathesons met Charlotte Edwards. They became good friends. Angela gave birth to her fourth child, Liam. The oldest child, Oliver, enlisted in the military and was killed not long afterward in an ambush. Deciding it was time to move on, Bill and the Mathesons bade their goodbyes to Lottie and set out for a new home. Eventually, they reached Pithodi, where they met Gabriel Sheridan and Aidan Foley. Bill and the Mathesons agreed to bolster Big Town's numbers and traveled back with them.

Everything was fine until Angela got pregnant again. She had a complete emotional breakdown and hanged herself with a leather belt because "she didn't want to bring any more children into (the) world". After that, Art ran away, and Howie vanished mentally and emotionally.

In recent events, Lottie killed Howie with a bullet to the head because "she couldn't bear to see him suffer anymore".


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  • Originally, Howie was the one who hanged himself and Angela was the one who got shot. This was changed mid-production because it was too reminiscent of Dom with Maria.
  • Howie's theme song is "Whiskey Lullaby" by Brad Paisley.