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Travis Michael Reed
Biographical Information
Date of Birth

30 BE

Date of Death

42 AE

Physical Characteristics



110.3 kg





Blood Type

O Negative

Miscellaneous Information

Retired, 31 AE



Travis Reed was a quite successful Gear, working under the Coalition of Ordered Governments in the Gear Defense Force for decades. At six feet eight inches tall and weighing over 275 lbs, he even rivaled Augustus Cole in terms of strength. Completely dedicated to the military, Reed never married or even maintained a relationship with a spouse yet he still held close ties with his surviving relatives throught the Lightmass Offensive.

 Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Travis was born into Normalek,a small country caught in the crossfire of the Pendulum Wars on Sera. Two of his older brothers, his father, and an uncle were enlisted soldiers of their homeland by Travis' ninth birthday. This would heavily influence his personal choices in the slums that he and his family lived in. When the aggressive United Capulist States  began to assault Coalition forces defending the small nation, Travis' hometown was one of the first targeted and was bombed out over the course of a few months. Afterward, Travis, his mother, two older sisters, and his younger brother moved to the Bastion Confederacy for its security, though actually getting it would be a bit of trouble which ended in a fortunate outcome. Over the next few years, the Coalition of Ordered Governments would emerge and so would the Gears. At seventeen, Travis graduated from high school one year early and enlisted into what would be the first great challenge of his life: Gear basic training.

Early Military Career Edit

Just days after finishing basic training, Private Reed was attached to Zulu Squad of the 2nd Infantry Division. Armed with the older Cavalier Assault Rifle, Reed began his career with the Battle of Reen, a small mining city captured by the UCS in Normalek. Travis and his three squadmates used an APC to recapture one block of captured territory before well a placed shot damaged the engine and left the squad to assault on foot. Along with the help of local soldiers, the squad and two others successfully usurped the town in the one day alotted, though one of Reed's squadmates, Corporal Jack Rackman, was killed.